A Day In The Life of a Terp Bros Dispensary Employee

Hidden amidst the bustling landscapes of Astoria, NY sits Terp Bros Dispensary — a gem in New York’s recreational cannabis market. My journey with this dynamic enterprise began recently and I am more than happy to share how a day in my life at Terp Bros shapes up.

Arrival and Morning Routine

An employee of Terp Bros, I step into our dispensary early morning, well-equipped to cater to seasoned cannabis aficionados and the uninitiated alike. My day kicks off with taking stock of our inventory, ensuring we have an ample supply of our diverse range of strains, both locally sourced and from across the country. This routinely check props us up to flawlessly deliver on our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Shortly afterward, my colleagues and I dive into a quick team huddle. It paves the way for a well-orchestrated workday, aligning us towards reaching our shared milestones seamlessly. Our discussions span a spectrum of topics like addressing customer queries, exploring opportunities for upselling, and ushering novices into the intriguing world of recreational cannabis.

Afternoon Hustle

The afternoons at Terp Bros are often the busiest. A steady stream of customers escape their humdrum lives to explore, inquire and engage with our knowledgeable staff. Being the face of the company, we ensure our patrons leave with complete knowledge about what they are purchasing and how it can positively elevate their lifestyles. My penchant for people and passion for cannabis converge during these customer interactions, making work more exhilarating.

Despite the hustle and bustle, I always manage to find my serenity amongst the shelves lined up with vibrant jars of different cannabis strains, pre-rolls and edibles. The epitome of this peace is located at our back office, where I tackle administrative duties, respond to online inquiries, and schedule appointments.

Evening Wind Down

As the day winds down, the dispensary takes on a calming atmosphere. I engage in some final interactions with late customers, bestow some parting cannabis wisdom, and close the registers. Before calling it a day, we reiterate our dedication to keeping the dispensary a tranquil oasis embedded in Astoria’s busy heart by tidying up and restocking shelves.

A day in my life at Terp Bros conveys the momentum of this burgeoning industry. Embellished in this narrative are the scenes of camaraderie, customer connections, and ceaseless learning, etching a fulfilling career path at an exciting, rewarding junction of recreational cannabis. Entrenched in the heart of Astoria, NY, Terp Bros reinforces its commitment to steer the recreational dispensary discourse in the right direction every day.