An Inclusive Guide for Your First Visit to MMD Shops in Long Beach, CA

Welcome to your first venture into the world of quality medical marijuana and top-tier cannabis dispensary services in Long Beach, CA at MMD Shops. Are you looking for a “dispensary near me”? Look no further! Our MMD Long Beach location is designed to meet your needs for both medical and recreational cannabis products.

About MMD Shops Long Beach

Established in 2006, MMD Shops has over a decade of experience in providing top-tier cannabis products, setting the standard within the marijuana industry. Our Long Beach store offers a wide selection of cannabis products to residents and anyone in the surrounding areas. Let’s take you on a tour of how to take the next step into our environment.

Planning Your Visit

For your first visit, it is important for you to determine which cannabis product you’re interested in. At MMD Shops, we offer various excellent cannabis-derived products including edibles, concentrates, vaporizers, pre-rolls, tinctures, topicals and a wide range of high-quality flowers. You may want to research and decide on whether you’ll prefer a sativa, indica or a hybrid. Take the first step and view our extensive product list to start your first-time visitor journey.

Consult with A Budtender

Not sure about which product to go for? No problem. Our budtenders are highly knowledgeable and can guide you based on your needs and preferences. Whether you are a tourist or a local resident in Long Beach, your first visit to our dispensary will be nothing short of a rewarding experience that will give you a broader understanding and appreciation of cannabis.

Prepare for an enlightening journey into the world of cannabis. We welcome you to MMD Shops Long Beach. Get ready to witness how we’ve pioneered quality and customer-centered service in the cannabis industry.