Basically, marijuana could be grown anywhere regardless of the area’s climate – that’s the home or the indoor growing of marijuana. But if you decide to grow marijuana outdoors you have to consider the environmental conditions.

The climate, in fact, has a lot to do with the growing and quality of your plants. And it’s not that marijuana won’t grow somewhere, but its characteristics will differ. For example, Middle Eastern and Asian marijuana features large leaves – long and broad, while the Tropics marijuana has smaller tiny leaves with lots of flowers. The size of the leaves is tightly connected with the amount of sunlight. So it’s important to notice the differences – it is important to have large leaves if there is a lack of sunlight because the surface of the leaf is larger and accepts more sunlight.

Bearing all this in mind, to your greatest advantage will be if you know where your cannabis plants usually grow. That’s how you’ll be able to combine your efforts with the perfect conditions for your marijuana strain so that eventually you will yield the best stuff possible!

Tropical Types

For example, tropical marijuana types will yield best in some tropical and subtropical areas such as Florida, Texas, the Gulf Coast, Louisiana. There the climate responds to the needs of the tropical strains. There are of course such people who will prefer the hardy and durable marijuana types. In this case, you should look for Mexican or Jamaican weed.

However, there is a Jamaican marijuana strain Maui which won’t yield well if it is not in its own habitat. So you have to be careful – if your growing season is shorter the marijuana plant will get less sunlight or might be threatened by earlier frost. Eventually, the plant will yield and become smokeable but the yield as a whole will be small and won’t cover your expectations. So, when planting the particular marijuana strain, make sure that the area climate is optimal for your strain!

Types of Highs

When choosing the seeds for your marijuana plantation is advisable to consider the quality of the seeds. This is connected with the highs. Everyone who has smoked weed can admit that sometimes the highs differ. That depends, of course, on the type of the marijuana. On the one hand, there are the highs which make you happy, dreamy, slow or sleepy. But usually, these are the desired and expected effects of the marijuana. But on the other hand, there are the ‘bad’ highs or that’s when you start to feel a headache, paranoid, sore throat. It’s definitely not a good experience and I wish it to nobody! For this reason, my suggestion is to choose carefully the seeds which you are going to plant.

You will ask: “How to choose the best seeds?” There are no ‘best’ seeds. The strains differ and they’re quality differs. You have to pass the effect of the strain on your wishes and needs. There are for example internet sites which sell marijuana seeds online and they show a picture of the effect of the particular marijuana type. So you just find what you want and buy it. However be careful with the online marijuana buying and selling because in many countries is restricted by the law. The responsibility when buying seeds online is only yours! 

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