Cannabis meals are as diverse as the cuisines available worldwide, which is why you should be able to learn how to prepare this Spanish dish. The Cannabis tomato Gazpacho, just as the name suggests, involves the use of a variety of tomatoes known as heirloom tomatoes. These heirloom tomatoes are available in a wide range of colors, ranging from the usual red, to yellow, orange and green. Surprisingly, there are also purple varieties of the heirloom tomatoes, making for a colorful addition to any meal. The Gazpacho recipe uses heirloom tomatoes because of the distinct flavor that they add to the dish. Sometimes, however, these tomatoes are not readily available, either due to their cost, or they are simply not in season. In such a case, the ideal alternative is the use of ripe tomatoes which have been grown in the vine. The gazpacho dish will still be as sweet.

This recipe provides a meal enough for 6 servings. The ingredients for this recipe include:

. 5 medium-sized fresh and ripe tomatoes
. A quarter cup of Cannabis infused olive oil
. Quarter cup of red wine vinegar
. A can of tomato juice and salt to taste.
. A teaspoon of garlic
. 1 medium-sized red bell pepper
. 1 medium-sized cucumber
. 2 jalapeno pepper (optional)
. Black pepper (optional)

Before you start the preparation, ensure that you wash the vegetables well. This is to eliminate any toxins that may have been carried with the produce from the farm. After this, peel the cucumber and remove the seeds. Core the jalapenos peppers and get them seeded then mince them into small pieces. Mince the garlic as well. When this is complete, chop the tomatoes, the cucumber, and the bell peppers. Alternatively, use the food processor to get the job done. It is not only fast, it allows the vegetables to remain in a uniform size.

Vegetable mix

Add the minced garlic to the vegetable mixture and stir it so that the garlic with its overbearing smell mixes evenly. Take a separate bowl and mix the tomato juice, the red wine vinegar and the Cannabis infused olive oil. The tomato juice may be replaced with vegetable juice to create a subtle yet distinct flavor. Add the jalapenos to the mixture at this point if you want to make the dish hotter. If however, you are making preparations for your guests, ensure that they are comfortable with the addition of pepper, lest you prepare such a sweet dish and no one takes it.

Use of black paper

Stir the resultant mixture well, and add salt to taste. You may also use the black pepper as a seasoning depending on your preferences. This dish is best served cold, so you may want to refrigerate it for a couple of hours before you can indulge in it. Any leftovers do not go to waste simply because you may store them for a later day; just make sure they are refrigerated to prevent the Cannabis Gazpacho from going bad.

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