Pure Power Plant
Pure Power Plant
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Pure Power Plant

This Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid of 70% Sativa to 30% Indica is a potent one. Expect a strong buzz from Pure Power Plant or PPP, that’s sociable and plentiful. Skunk like, it’s ideal for the day and gives a powerful cerebral high and body buzz. Used as medical marijuana, its brilliant for chronic pain, stress, and depression. PPP was bred from good stock. Its parents are the Killer Sativa from Africa and the Fatso Indica from America. It smokes with an orangey, woody aroma and tastes of vanilla. These feminized seeds are ideal for fuss-free growing, producing female plants guaranteed to bud. It’s high is euphoric and clear-headed, and expect your creativity to surge. Too much and you’ll experience the Indica side to PPP, with possible couch-lock and definite sleepiness.
Average height
Average height
400 / 500 (g/m²)
500 / 600 (g/m²)
Short (45 - 55 days)
Average (55 - 65 days)
THC Level
Extreme High
In and outdoor
In and outdoor
51,00 US$

Pure Power Plant Feminized (5 seeds)

Our Feminized Pure Power Plant is a hybrid marijuana strain bred for exceptional quality and massive yield.

The Origin Story

The Feminine Pure Power Plant was developed in the late ‘90s from a fat American indica and a Springboks sativa after PPP gained famed because of its healthy yields and growth potential. The feminized version took the Dutch market by a storm, and in no time became a regular at Amsterdam coffeeshops.

The Plant

PPP is a fast-flowering plant that produces super-thick and large buds coated with a dense layer of gluey trichomes. This plant prefers sunny climates and doesn’t gain much height when grown indoors. Also, it has wide leaves that can absorb the sunlight wholesomely. You can expect an outrageous harvest with a little bit of additional attention every day.

Aroma & Flavor

The aroma has undertones of vanilla-wood that is easy on your throat and comfortable to inhale. The flavor of the Feminized Pure Power Plant is that of sour lemon and chopped pine.

Your High

The indica-rich PPP feminized has an invisible sativa effect which energizes its haze by adding a gentle high to a mighty stone. This strain is loved due to the creative energy it accords after a few drags.

The DCS Tip

We recommend storing your Pure Power Plant Feminized seeds in a container or sealed plastic bag in the fridge. This will ensure cannabis seeds freshness for years.

Vital Specs

TYPE : Feminized
AREA : Indoors, Greenhouse, & Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME : 8 - 9 weeks
PLANT HEIGHT : 90 - 160 cm
INDOOR YIELD : 475 - 525g/m²
OUTDOOR YIELD : 500 - 600g/m²
COUNTRY : Netherlands