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Black Jack

Black Jack’s mother, Seattle’s Black Domina, is an Indica strain and her father Jock Horror is a European Sativa strain. Her Indica traits win over, however, giving a beautiful Indica whole body high of euphoria and happiness, that relaxes but won’t send you into a couch lock. If insomnia gets you down, Black Jack could be your nighttime savior. The high THC levels in Black Jack make this an ideal medical marijuana for chronic pain too.
Average height
Average height
400 / 500 (g/m²)
400 / 500 (g/m²)
Short (45 - 55 days)
Average (55 - 65 days)
THC Level
Extreme High
In and outdoor
In and outdoor

Blackjack Feminized (5 seeds)

You know which strain’s taking the medical marijuana community by a storm? See Above! Many people crave a Sativa variety that is packed with THC yet doesn’t come with the baggage of paranoia or anxiety. Say hello to our Blackjack Feminized marijuana strain!

The Origin Story

Blackjack is the feminine offspring of Jock Horror and Black Domina, a high-status Indica strain.

The Plant

The uniqueness of our feminine Blackjack is in its inheritance of both—Indica and Sativa genotypes. This distinctive blend gives the plant a genteel shade of Black Domina which delicately mellows the overpowering fragrance of Jock Horror. In fact, you should be thankful (really?) to its rich trichome-encrusted calyxes for that occasional overbearing smell.

The plant develops long branches with loads of curvaceous buds, that are coated with riches of resin. This natural shape gives the Blackjack a sphere-like appearance. It is equally at home in your backyard, Sea of Green or Screen of Green growing methods.

Outdoors, primarily, these cannabis seeds produce ultra-resinous giants.

Aroma & Flavor

The parental genes of Blackjack are accountable for its aromatic mixture of sweet citrus with a quite pungent pine flavor with earthy undertones.

Your High

Your high will be long-lasting to go with a genteel body buzz. Also, even if you are not feeling stressed, depressed, or insomniac (Thank yourself for getting out of negativity), few deeply satisfying drag of Blackjack Feminized will ease out your bodily aches courtesy of a hard day fighting crime at work ;-)

The DCS Tip

You can toke Blackjack every day before going about doing your life, but not without a couple of pre-smoking preparations. DCS recommends taking a shower, of course, (who doesn’t in the morning?), and also putting on a healthy dose of body spray to mask the heavily-aromatic fumes of Blackjack Feminized.

Vital Specs

TYPE : Sativa Rich Feminized
AREA : Indoors
FLOWERING TIME : 8 - 9 weeks
PLANT HEIGHT : Medium to Tall
YIELD : 400 - 500 g/m²
THC VOLUME : 16 - 21%
COUNTRY : Netherlands