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Cannabis news, information, tips & tricks and guides

  • Allergic to cannabis

    Allergic to cannabis Allergic reactions are very common and occur as a result of various environmental and genetic factors. To find out what someone is allergic for, an analysis needs to be done about what has been ingested, or put on the body, and in which dosage. In order to...
  • The Netherlands No Longer King of Cannabis

    A very interesting mini documentary from one of the public channels about the cannabis policy in The Netherlands. The current policy originates from the 70's. Possession is allowed, but cultivation and the supply chain to the coffeeshop is also illegal. Only selling cannabis seeds and possession for personal use of...
  • Equipment Needed For Bubbleponic Marijuana Growing

    Deep Water Culture (DWC) or bubbleponics is a watering system where you don't use any soil, instead, you will grow your plants directly in a net pot in nutrient rich water.  You use an air stone connected to a pump to 'bubble' oxygenated water to the roots. If you have...
  • L’hybridation du Cannabis

    Habituellement, les graines de cannabis qui sont disponibles sur le marché aujourd'hui sont de races pures ou hybrides, soit des espèces de cannabis différentes. Ils font des hybrides différents, afin qu'ils puissent tirer le meilleur type de cannabis. Les différents cultivateurs de cannabis pourraient reproduire leur propre cannabis pour être...
  • 2019: How To Find a Medical Marijuana Physician in the USA

    Various improvements have been made on the subject of Medical marijuana all over the world. This has been a collaborative effort by the legislature, citizens, judiciary, and many other bodies interested in the cannabis promotion. In this article we will guide you through finding and identifying an physician who can provide...
  • What is cannabis indica?

    Cannabis indica is a plant that developed around some semi-tropical areas of the globe. The area of South Asia is perfect for the fast growth of cannabis indica. The first founding of cannabis indica was reported in around 1785. This plant was discovered in India, hence the name Indica. What...
  • Cannabis genetics

    How do cannabis genetics differ? Introduction Cannabis genetics can be traced to as far as 3000 BC. During this time, cannabis was used for mental and physical purposes, usually bordering on experimentation. Part of these experiments involved consumption of the plant’s products. It must have been during one of these...
  • DCS Official Growing Guide 2019

    The official/original growing guide from Dutch Cannabis Seeds/BuyDutchSeeds.
  • Legal status cannabis USA 2019

    Legal status cannabis USA 2019. Cannabis is becoming legal in more and more states. This is because more research is being conducted in the positive effects of cannabis. We have updated this content at 31 January 2019 and we will update the content accordingly.
  • How to germinate cannabis seeds

    A guide to optimally germinate your cannabis seeds. For this method you will need two plates and non perfumed slightly wet tissue. Follow this step by step manual to germinate your cannabis seeds. Step 1 - Prepare the plates Line the bottom of the first plate with a few layers of...

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