The Best Strain For Female Arousal

Weed That Makes My Wife Get As Wet As Our Swimming Pool

Virtual reality, non-monogamy, and sex doll brothels. There is no end to the ventures couples are willing to embark on to heighten both the quality and quantity of their sex life.

But, let’s cut the chase and be real here: the old school route of toking up before a sex act is still one of the best things ever. Sure, clumsy, alcohol-driven sex is quite stellar too, but many readers would agree that stoned sex trumps drunk sex. It’s because everything, including eating Pizza nachos and doing things to your dripping, stoned wife, feels so good when you're both faded.

When THC enters your wife’s bloodstream, it almost immediately stimulates her testosterone production and increases the level up to six times. And that, my friends, is what makes your wife as wet as your swimming pool. Now, stop sweating, and tend to her needs by ordering the following strains to keep her and your marriage happily moist:

Strawberry Cough

If you want your fun date night with your wife climax into a delightfully relaxed lovemaking session, trust Strawberry Cough to do so for you two. This robust sativa blend will give your wife a tingly body high, while the uplifting, cerebral effects will slap a smile on her face without making her a veggie.

Strawberry Cough is known for its sweet fragrance of fresh strawberries and a citrusy, berry flavor. However, as the name suggests, this strain of mysterious genetic origin is the real deal. It will make you and your wife cough up a lung even if both of you are eating the most organic broccoli for years. Still, many stoners admit coughing gets them higher, so there is that.

The strain contains 16 - 22% THC volume, and its anti-anxiety benefits are extremely helpful when trying any new experience in the bedroom. The only manageable downside is a dry mouth, which I am sure will find a way to satiate itself.

Sour Diesel - For Frenzied, Lustful Sex

If you want to get your wife in a “let’s bang like rabbits” type of mood, Sour Diesel is the fuel of your MaryJane inspired dreams. The dreamy, yet energizing cerebral effects will flood your wife with an unquenchable lusty desire, and your every touch will make her feel as if she’s being caressed by an angel.

Both of you will get a rush of stimulated energy after hitting Sour Diesel, which can be instantly directed into some intense, no-nonsense “keep-ramming-and-don’t-stop” sex. This strain has the power to grant you the kind of sex where you crave your partner with an almost animalistic desire, where your heart is pounding, and every touch is electrifying. It’s a spectacular feeling, and a high-octane strain such as Sour Diesel only augments it.

The herb is a descendant of Super Skunk and Chemdog 91 and took roots in the early '90s. The Sour Diesel contains an 18 - 23% THC volume.

Purple Princess

Few hits of Purple Princess will make your princess high as a pie and wet as a well-trained Geisha. She’ll feel euphoric, and seductively tingly from head to toe. Of course, the extended lovemaking which follows will be an erotic journey destined for Orgasmville.

Remember, Purple Princess is not your typical fairytale girl. Thought to be the offspring of Ice Princess and Cinderella 99, this strain has a knack of creeping up on both of you, if taken a bit too much. The herb is especially notable for its distinctive grape and berry-like taste and vivid color.

At 14%, the THC level is comparatively low than other strained mentioned here, but that ratio is enough to ensure a prolonged courtship. The only minor negative is slight dizziness, which I am sure the joy of love will overcome.

Harlequin - For Rise and Shine Sex

If you are a 9 - 5 job person, you might not have the opportunity to get hyper baked before work. Simultaneously, you - like many others - love morning sex to start the day on an exhilarating note.

Now, what to do, when your wife wants both these things? You get Harlequin, my friend!

Harlequin is a sativa-dominant descendant of Colombian Gold, Swiss and Thai landrace strains, and a Nepali indica. Harlequin’s CBD/THC ratio of 5/2 makes it extremely useful to treat pain and anxiety, which significantly helps in lowering any sexual inhibitions without inducing a heavy haze.  The clear-headed effects of Harlequin are ideal for morning sex. You will feel present and focused on pleasing your ladylove instead of fretting over meeting a client later in the day.

I personally find this combination much better than coffee to get my day started.

GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) - For Sexy Solo Time

This last strain is your gift to your wife for her solo times because when you are out there fighting crime, she gets a little lonely. Here’s why your wife will love herself more in the sauna after a bit of GSC:

  • Masturbation is amazing and medically good for human body.
  • You or your wife cannot always have partnered sex courtesy of factors beyond the control of both of you, i.e. distance, time, or opportunity. Yet, either of you can still find time for self-loving, which is the purest love, anyway.

GSC is a solo superstar because it is euphorically creative, which assists enriching fantasies in realizing them more vividly. I must tell you, my wife couldn’t stop thanking me for getting her an oz. of GSC. According to her, she took a couple of hits, pulled out her phone and started reading erotica. Once she was sufficiently aroused, the phone went away, and her imagination took over. Should I tell you that her vividly sexualized details weren’t the only reward I earned the previous night?

While you imagine it, you can also earn yourself an all-night sexual glory by actually growing your wife’s GSC yourself. It takes less than eight weeks to blossom, my friend.