Cannabis That A 12-Year-Old Can Smoke

"If you want to get high, you're gonna get high!"

-One CEGEP Student

Teenagers today are starting everything earlier: drugs, violence, sex, and, of course, social media. Yesterday, my younger cousin showed me her Facebook profile, and her display picture had 857 likes.

This was puzzling for me because she is only a sixth grader!

I was astonished as well as a bit jealous. The staggering number of likes compelled me to zone out as the teenager jabbered about how important is “PLUR” a.k.a peace, love, unity, and respect to her. Since my 12-year-old cousin appeared so wise beyond her age, it made me curious what else teenagers these days may know that I did not during my youthful days. For instance, using pot!

The Good Ol’ Media

Admittedly, the mainstream media is spewing immensely exaggerated and often false facts about cannabis consumption for many decades. For instance:

  • It is often claimed that marijuana causes brain damage. Yet, research suggests that the negative impact of weed on the brain is usually negligible and reversible. However, exposure to mind-bending substances such as heroin and cocaine during the formative years must be avoided. Even, hard liquor is more hazardous than pot.
  • It is typically argued that marijuana consumption is increasing the rate of school dropouts. However, the research findings do not consider cannabis to be the principal factor in a teenager quitting school. While there is a link between marijuana and leaving school, the association may well be the consequence of common elements such as family issues or personality traits, which increases the risks of both using weed and abandoning school.

Cannabis Strains That 12 Year Old Are Smoking in 2019

According to Forbes, the global cannabis industry is projected to be a $31.4 billion market by 2021. So, frankly not every strain sold is toked by an adult. In fact, in Canada, a 12-year-old can carry five grams of cannabis. Surprisingly, there are no possession-punishments for minors under the Canadian federal law. Nonetheless, each province can tweak their own respective rules.

So, we at Dutch Cannabis Seeds did our own research to discover exactly what cannabis strains these modern 12-year-olds are smoking. The results are as following:

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream will knock out your physical discomfort while expanding your energy. The aftereffects are euphorically uplifting, but too much toking can couch-lock you. The winner of the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup offers a splendid combination of sweet and sour exotic citrus flavors, which makes smoking it a mouthwatering treat for the palate.

Tangerine Dream is a threefold cross of Afghani, G13, and Neville’s A5 Haze, and by all measures is a cannabis strain for connoisseurs. It brings the most exceptional characteristics of its high-grade parents in unison with additional hybrid vigor. The reason this strain is gaining mileage among the teenagers - especially the nerdy ones - is due to its capacity to offer mental clarity while genuinely relaxing the muscles.

White Widow

The hybrid was conceived in the Netherlands, and its white buds and crystal resins sprouted the borders to achieve worldwide fame. A deeply satisfying drag of White Widow will explode a burst of euphoric energy in you, and your conversations and creativity will be instantly stimulated.

The strain is gaining fame among smart, chatty teenagers, and is gracing every Dutch coffeeshop since the ‘90s. This Dutch strain will offer you shades of a citrusy, flowery flavor, but due to its high trichome count, White Widow is not known for being high in taste.

In fact, you can have your own White Widow growing in the basement for less than $12. The plant will flower in about 8 - 9 weeks; ready for a delicious treat. Also, the strain is resistant to climatic swings and can completely blossom without requiring extensive care.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a legendary strain from the West Coast, and few hits of it will morph full-body relaxation into a genteel cerebral invigoration. The strain is equally popular among rookie and seasoned consumers courtesy of its tranquil euphoria. The sativa-rich strain is bred by crossing a sativa Haze with the Blueberry indica.

The luscious flavors of sugar and blueberry are enduring and stay on your tongue long after the herbs are ashed. Its nugs are bushy and long, with deep blue and amber hairs, and a plentiful of creamy white trichomes. Our research tells that Blue Dream is extremely popular among high school kids, especially when exit exams are around the corner.

Cannabis enthusiasts suggest planting this strain outdoors, where it will bloom in about 9 - 10 weeks.

OG Kush

OG Kush is the genetic anchor of West Coast marijuana varieties and is loved for its capacity to squash stress while inflicting a euphoric mist. A powerful drag will usher a sour lemon and earthy pine aroma with woody undertones. Moreover, its flavor can astonish even the weariest of self-declared stoners, with perceptible undertones of lime, spice, and lemon – as well as wispy specks of a citrusy splash.

The high of OG Kush is tilted more towards your head than the physical body. It kicks off with an abrupt headrush that will lead you to feel more engaged with your surroundings; colors and sounds might seem intensified. This sudden alteration may soon transmute into an uplifting mood that advances towards euphoria.

Communication is Salvation

Lastly, while it might appear more corrective to condemn cannabis use by teenagers and threaten them with penalization - the inverse may well be a more practical strategy. It’s because a failure to acknowledge the reality of marijuana and going cold turkey on its usage will make it some kind of a taboo. Every parent knows how teenagers satiate their taboos - behind your back and behind closed doors.

Remember that maintaining an unapproachable stance on cannabis may well distance your teenage child from you. If you’re a consumer yourself, invite your kid to join you in planting some cannabis seeds in your backyard. If your child doesn’t like the experience, he/she will back away from the herb eventually.

Everybody wins!