Your Cannabis Seeds Guide As A Dummy

Tell Me About Cannabis Seeds...

Cannabis is a dioecious plant, which means its male and female reproductive organs are set up on separate individuals. Female cannabis plants are cultivated without males to develop sinsemilla - the seedless, power-packed marijuana flowers. To reproduce, the female plant’s flower must be pollinated by a male plant for her to produce seeds.

However, several cannabis varieties generate a few male flowers alongside female ones on the same plant, especially when exposed to the environmental elements or left to flower for extended periods. Once the seeds mature, the female plant starts dying, and seeds either germinate on the ground to grow into fresh plants, or they are collected to make hemp seed oil, or to be sown for the next generation of plants.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds, You Say?

Yes. Feminized cannabis seeds are developed by causing the hermaphrodite or monoecious condition in a female marijuana plant. It can be done by:

  • Sprinkling the plant with a colloidal silver solution
  • Rodelization method
  • Fumigating gibberellic acid

Feminized seeds yield plants that are almost indistinguishable to this self-pollinated female parent plant since only a single set of genes is there. This process is occasionally known as “cloning by seed,” which doesn’t grow any male plants. However, the majority of cultivators of feminized seeds do not go through the expensive as well as the lengthy process of pinpointing an entirely stable mother plant for cultivation. Many feminized seeds eventually become hermaphrodites, which produces flowers containing seeds and decreased yields.

For instance, Candy Kush feminized seeds can be easily grown outdoors or inside and will blossom in about seven weeks. A single seed costs less than $12 and ordering two packs will liberate you from the shipping cost. How’s that for motivation?

Cannabis Seeds That Auto-Flower?

The bulk of cannabis plants start their flowering cycle when their daily natural light exposure (photoperiod) is reduced to 12 - 14 hours, irrespective of the plant’s size or age. However, the flowering cycle of Cannabis ruderalis doesn’t depend on the photoperiod. It will auto-flower upon reaching a certain age. Some breeding enthusiasts have crossed the low-THC ruderalis with more powerful variants to develop auto-flowering strains. These strains have produced sativa, indica, or hybrid marijuana flowers that start flourishing immediately upon reaching maturity.

These cannabis seeds are ideal for northern climates, where damp weather arrives early in the fall, and where summers are cold and short. These auto-flowering strains can be sowed in early spring to allow them to take advantage of the shiniest natural light on the longest days of summer. A perfect auto-flowering example is Swiss Cheese. You can easily grow them outside or indoors, and the seeds will auto-flower in less than seven weeks.

How Are Cannabis Clones Different From The Cannabis Seeds?

A clone is a clipping of the plant which is placed in a grow-medium to entice root production. Once the plant is rooted, it can develop into a mature plant that’s genetically the xerox of the one it was clipped from. Alternatively, seeds possess genetic data from two parent plants which are expressible in several different combinations, some close to the mother, some to the father, and many hybrids carrying traits from both.

However, developing identical cannabis plants through seeds is a complicated and prolonged process. Generally, cannabis cultivators will plant numerous seeds to select the top plant, which is then cloned to grow cannabis flowers. Otherwise, acquiring a proven clone from another grower as the mother plant can also work.

What Makes a Cannabis Seed High Quality?

There are several factors which determine the quality of the cannabis seeds. Firstly, they should be allowed to mature completely before harvest. After that, seeds ought to be stored appropriately to avoid mold or other pathogens damage. It’s admissible to secure seeds in a dark, cool place and must be used within 16 months, or icebound for future use. In this regard, Dutch Cannabis Seeds is doing a remarkable job.

The most critical aspect of seed quality is genetics. To harness short-term gains, some breeders will merely cross a random male plant with a half-decent female to retail the resulting seeds. More conscious breeders will bide their time to cross and backcross plants to develop the most desired traits, while still generating a host of different phenotypes. The latter represents the majority of the cannabis seeds on the market.

Why Are Cannabis Seeds So Expensive?

Cannabis seeds typically go for $10-$12 a piece, a far cry from the $4 tomato seeds pack, you can get at your local nursery. The reason is simple: prohibition.

The commercial crop seeds can be bred in a quick period due to the abundant resources and tremendous scale of commercial breeding projects. The general concept is to grow more plants in a single occurrence, which makes it easy to spot and stabilize the required traits. Moreover, deploying modern testing methods that use lab analyses and tissue cultures gives a commercial breeder a significant advantage over a common one.

However, even major scale cannabis growing programs dwarf in front of the regular agricultural seed production commercial facilities. It’s because cannabis breeders either work under strictly regulated environments or prohibition, which delays the production of a quality seed line by years. Add the lingering legal consequences, and you can sum up the expensive cost of a premium-quality cannabis seed.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Seeds?

You can find cannabis seeds on several online seed banks. The majority of these are located in Canada, Spain, Netherlands, and the UK, where the laws on retailing cannabis seeds are more relaxed than other countries.

Still, choosing the right vendor to purchase authentic seeds is your conscience call. When you buy your cannabis seeds from a trustworthy vendor such as Dutch Cannabis Seeds, you’re secure in the knowledge that your order is:

  • Shipped Stealthily
  • Billed Discreetly
  • Premium-Quality

Therefore, check out your cart now, and say nice things about us later!