Benefits Of Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis, also known as medical marijuana, is a plant or herb that has medicinal properties. It has been used for this purpose for a long time now in different cultures all over the world.

According to history, the plant has been around for about four centuries already, and evidences of it being present in the ancient Chinese and Egyptian civilizations have been discovered in the papyrus texts unearthed some time ago.

During the 1800s, the westerners made use of it in various types of medicine. However, the introduction of aspirin affected the demands for weed, as medical experts pushed for the former’s use instead of the herb. Many years passed and weed became known as a drug that caused alarming effects on people’s mental health.

What are the uses of medical marijuana?
First of all, let us look at the components of medical marijuana. This plant contains compounds of great medicinal value, such as cannabidiol or CBD, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, and beta-caryophyllene. CBD comprised two-fifths of the extract and is useful to treat cancer, convulsion, anxiety, inflammation, dizziness, schizophrenia, and nausea. The beta-caryophyllene compound minimizes any inflammation in the human body.

In chemotherapy, it is used as an antiemetic. Cancer patients often experience loss of appetite, vomiting, and such when undergoing chemo. With medical cannabis, these illnesses are lessened, enabling the person to at least eat normally.

In lung cancer cases, patients are advised to smoke it because of its herbal therapy properties and ability to reduce the development of cancer cells.

If you have glaucoma, a disorder which resulted from damaged optic nerves, the use of cannabis lessens the intraocular pressures, thus minimizing the risk of losing your eyesight permanently.

In cases of multiple sclerosis, a nervous system disorder that has several symptoms that include muscle spasms, depression, eye problems, coordination loss, tingling, numbness fatigue and speech difficulty, medical marijuana can help eliminate muscle spasms and restore a patient’s speech, eyesight and balance.

Undoubtedly, marijuana possesses a number of great uses that we should not be afraid to take advantage of. It can definitely help in the treatment of some of the most serious illnesses known to man. However, while its positive traits are undeniably useful, its negative traits are also hazardous. Abuse of this substance is extremely addictive, and people who get hooked to it have a hard time getting away from it. As a result, their healths suffer, especially their brain functions and mental abilities. This is the primary reason why pot is still illegal in many countries and cities around the world. Heated debates and arguments about its legalization are ongoing in many places, and we just hope people should learn to not abuse marijuana and just focus on the benefits it can offer to humanity.

Medical Cannabis and Arthritis

In case you do not know, Arthritis is a medical condition that involves injuries to body joints. Joint trauma infection and age can result in the most common type Arthritis- osteoarthritis. However, numerous studies and researchers have proven that medical cannabis can cure arthritis pain and inflammation. Statistics indicate that 27 million Americans have osteoarthritis (with the risk of breakdown of the joint cartilage) and 1.3 million have rheumatoid arthritis (capable of creating severe pain). Even though doctors will not suggest using medical cannabis for young children, adults and older teens can treat their arthritis with marijuana.

Studies show that medical marijuana is anti-inflammatory and can help greatly in muscle spasms. Marijuana continues to be a treatment for pain since way back to 300 BC. Studies declare that marijuana may well not only aid inflammation, but may well lower the specific growth of the disease alone. Other chronic inflammatory conditions such as Lumbosacral and arthritis itself can respond very well to medical marijuana when compared with other drugs. The two key components of cannabis- THC, and CBD- have been recognized as important therapeutic constituents that act synergistically together and with the other plant ingredients. Keep in mind that medical cannabis shouldn't be smoked. Utilizing it in baking or having a vaporizer will offer you the healing benefits required to alleviate joint disease symptoms. There are people that argue that overdose of marijuana can lead to cancer as you are supposed to smoke it like cigarettes. However, a wide-ranging study in 2006 showed no proof of cannabis causing lung cancer.

THC with Cannabidiol ended up found to make notable changes in good quality of sleep, pain and reduces ailment activity in those with rheumatism. Both materials are one of the Cannabinoids that will naturally arise in cannabis. Researchers in 2000 discovered that Cannabidiol impeded the further development of osteoarthritis effectively throughout animal trials. However, there exists the question of the legality involving the use of medical cannabis. Nevertheless, several states in the USA have already legalized the use of it and are regulating the use of it with a medical cannabis card.

Problem with Marijuana Abuse

Despite several health benefits that marijuana offers to people, there are still some dark sides of it. Some patients have reported that extended use of marijuana made them aggressive and violent in a sense. Young users get in more fights and report to have problems in school or college. Getting high seems to direct any aggression already felt. Cannabis usage often results in trouble with the law as well as juvenile crime. The young adults aren't simply getting imprisoned for drug use or even drug possession, rather they are now being picked up for destruction, theft, and intention to sell. These tend to be serious offenses, which include serious outcomes.

Paranoia, mental illness and schizophrenia may result from extended use of marijuana. Cannabis users become less interested in their families, jobs, and most other social activities and responsibilities. Poor performance and less concentration lead to loss of income.

Coffee and Cannabis: A Recommended Combination?

The connection between cannabis and coffee is quite fascinating as they are more or less the same side of a coin with just some slight differences in look, use, and effects. With marijuana legalized in quite a number of countries and spreading through other parts of the world rapidly, people tend to combine the consumption of coffee and marijuana for different reasons.

While some smoke the marijuana alongside sipping their coffee, others boil the marijuana leaf in their coffee pots or use sweeteners containing marijuana in their coffee. Coffee producing companies have taken advantage of this trend and found a way of infusing weed into coffee, which means one does not have to smoke pot and drink coffee at the same time when you could just have it all in one sip.

The components of coffee (caffeine) and that of cannabis (Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC) have similar addictive qualities, which increases craving when one reaches a threshold of any of the substances. In other words, caffeine influences some parts of the brain cells just as THC does.

Caffeine has a reputation as the world most used drug which encourages brain activity and keeps one active and frisky, while cannabis, on the other hand, is a depressant. The intriguing thing that comes to mind is how both (caffeine and THC) when combined at a single point of consumption work together? Another fundamental question on the mind of consumers will be thus: ‘are there damages to the health one would incur as a result of the consumption of both substances at the same time?’

Breaking down the science behind mixing cannabis with coffee

Over the years, there has been limited research in respect to this subject. Scientists have, however, discovered that coffee affects the human metabolism in many ways which include the metabolism of steroids and the neurotransmitters linked to cannabis.

Research carried out by scientists in a bid to study coffee revealed that the consumption of caffeine changed the metabolism (chemicals in the blood) in the body than previously known. Also, it was discovered that a high intake of caffeine decreases the Neurotransmitter (chemicals that deliver messages between nerve cells in the body) related to the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid metabolic helps the body regulate stress, and also impacts cognition, blood pressure, sleep immunity, glucose metabolism, and many others.

Dr. Sergi Ferre, who is a senior investigator at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) stated that caffeine boosts dopamine; he said “neurotransmitter is often called the feel-good chemical, because it is responsible for feeling pleasure and reward. On the other hand, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the major active ingredient in marijuana stimulates dopamine neurons in the brain.”

One major effect of the combination of cannabis and caffeine is that caffeine magnifies the effect of dopamine released by cannabis. Ferre continued, “Caffeine tremendously increases the effect of the psychostimulant, including THC and cocaine.” This effect may be the reason why people enjoy the combination of cannabis and coffee in a single sitting.

The Effects of Combining Cannabis and Coffee

Reduces high. Some say smoking cannabis and drinking coffee increases their ‘high’. This may just be peculiar to that person's system considering that research has shown that drinking coffee while smoking weed makes you smoke less while maintaining a minimal level of high, which would have occurred if more cannabis is consumed; this gives you a better value for your high.

Increase craving. In a scientific research carried out on monkeys, higher dosage of caffeine was given to the monkeys and after intake, they chose to administer more marijuana which was left at their disposal. This research suggests that caffeine and THC have the same amount of craving. It is, however, important to note that they are monkeys. No recorded human experiment exists yet.

Dopamine Stimulation. The combination of caffeine and THC stimulates dopamine neurons throughout the brain.

Similarities between Cannabis and Coffee

The relationship between the two highly addictive substances, as discovered by scientists, is closer than one can overlook. The secret is at the root of the plant from which both elements exist. The two stem from plants whose constituents, upon decomposition, causes a similar psychological reaction. It has been reported by many marijuana users that they experience similar effects as after drinking coffee.

These substances stimulate the users, thereby, generating euphoric reactions. The more coffee a person consumes, the more cannabis he would want to consume as the intake of caffeine is proportionate to the intake of weed when smoked. In effect, caffeine increases the effect of cannabis.

Going by available research so far, the effect of the combination might be based on the user's body chemistry, metabolism, and tolerance for each substance. The combination does not appear to be dangerous but should be consumed with caution, so as not to become addicted.

Remember the adage: ‘too much of everything is bad?’ The use of cannabis and coffee should, therefore, be used in moderation and preferably under a physician’s supervision or directions.

Top 10 Cannabis Seeds In Holland

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

- Bob Marley

During the ‘60s, when the U.S. was waging a full-blown war against the ‘public enemy number one,’ the sleepy Holland was only just warming up to it.

Perhaps this northwestern European country’s first mass marijuana carnival outside the confines of Amsterdam hippie environs was the Kralingen Music Festival in Rotterdam in 1970. The Festival became a significantly historical event and sowed seeds of the Netherlands tolerance policy towards nederwiet (Dutch weed).

The authorities have maintained a stance that blowen (local jargon for pot-smoking) is not more dangerous than coffee or alcohol. In fact, a 2009 Dutch state report ranked cannabis 10th in the list of most dangerous drugs. Today, Holland is a pioneer in producing some of the dankest cannabis seeds in the world. Here are 10 of them:

  1. DCS Special Indica

dcs special indica, cannabis seeds

We invite you to join a marijuana legacy by trying our very own Dutch Cannabis Special feminized marijuana seeds. Allow us to excite the cultivator in you by declaring the yield your DCS Special Indica strain will generate:

700 grams per square meter!

Also, did I tell you the THC volume is like extremely high?

Our Feminist Special is an indica strain, and courtesy of its innate nature, you don’t have to go through the trouble of splitting out the non-budding, male plants. You can plant the DCS Special seed in your backyard, hydroponic apparatus, or even indoors. We recommend growing this strain during warm summers to ensure a powerful final product.

The plant is also feasible medicinally and helps to lessen stress, anxiety as well as insomnia. Your high will be deeply relaxed and will induce heavily sedated effects that will last long baby-like sleep. You’re welcome to try our finest DCS Special Indica feminized seeds to make your home green again. A pure indica legend.

  1. Holland's Hope

Holland's Hope was one of the earliest marijuana varieties designed for rugged outdoor conditions. In the early ‘80s, Holland's Hope was created in the Netherlands and was named for its capacity to generate excellent results in cold and wet summers, thereby raising the hopes of the Dutch outdoor growers. Because the Hope was bred for soggy circumstances, it is fungus-resistant. This pure indica descended from Skunk (Sativa) and Afghanistan (Indica).

It is ideal for outdoor cultivation where it produces solid, dense buds and can gain a height of over 1.80 meters. You can expect a yield of a staggering 700 grams per plant in 8 - 9 weeks of flowering time. After stoking Holland’s Hope, you will experience tastes of sandalwood, earth, maple, pine, and hashish. The scents oozing off this strain are equally magnificent and consists of rose, vanilla, lemon, and pepper.

hollands hope marijuana seeds

The THC content is projected to be around 18%, which induces an uplifting cerebral high, making you feel happy and giggly. These effects are accompanied by a powering muscle-soothing buzz that can pouch your entire body. However, higher doses may well produce sedation, couch-lock, and increased appetite.

  1. Amnesia Haze Feminized

Haze originated in California of the ‘70s, but really found wings once it reached the Dutch shores. There its prime genetics were crossbred with many locally developed hybrid strains to create Amnesia Haze, which went on to gain an iconic status worldwide. Today, it is considered one of the most significant cannabis sativas ever developed and is a staple at the Dutch coffeeshops.

Therefore, it made sense to also make Amnesia Haze Feminized in the Netherlands. The feminine version induces a nearly psychedelic experience and an intensely extended high.

Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds, autoflowering and feminized seeds

Structure-wise, it’s a medium-sized plant, which grows up to 1.2 meters tall and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors with equal results. It may take about 12-weeks to flower, but is known to produce an outdoor yield of 600 grams per plant. Indoors, you can expect about 200 grams per plant. Courtesy of its rich 20% THC content, feminized Amnesia Haze is also a splendid medical strain, which anyone can grow in their backyard.

  1. Big Bud Feminized

Big Bud - a strain renowned for its staggering yields - originated in the USA, and migrated to Holland in the ‘80s. Through extensive experimentation, the Big Bud clone was brought back to its roots by crossing it with a rare Afghani, which resulted in the original, Big Bud seed-strain. Breeding continued, with an intent to produce a dependable, uniform feminized variant of this extraordinary variety which after years of testing is now publicly available.

big bud feminized seeds, extreme high yield

This all-female hybrid is as punchy and vigorous as its parent and offers a more refined aroma with a spicy undercurrent that flows through the sweet-fruity flavor. Courtesy of its prolific resin production, you’re in for a mighty physical stone. Moreover, the plant growth is sturdy, yet easily controllable. For instance, if you fancy huge plants, extend the vegetation time a little.

Big Bud feminized can be cultivated indoors as well as outdoors in warm, sunny climates. You can expect about a yield of 800 grams of reusable weed per square meter in 8 - 9 weeks. The finished product contains 15% THC content.

  1. Dutch Treat

Over the years, Dutch Treat (also called Dutch Crunch) has attained immortality in the Amsterdam coffee shops. It is an indica dominant hybrid that was initially developed in the Pacific Northwest, but eventually gained popularity in Holland. The Treat has mysterious origins with unconfirmed sources tracing its roots back to Northern Lights and Haze.

dutch treat cannabis seeds

Despite being rich in indica, the conical and tapered buds are more sativa structurally, and the dark green leaves are more soft and wispy than heavily packed. The dense, gluey buds radiate an intense fragrance of sweet fruits blended with eucalyptus trees and pine. You can expect an indoor yield of about 350 grams per square meter, while outdoors you can harvest a bit over 200 grams per plant in 8 - 9 weeks.

The combination of minimum CBD (1%) and high THC (up to 30%) benefits you physically as well as psychoactively. Dutch Treat is a fantastic option for post-sunset socializing or introspection. The cerebral high rushes through leaving you feeling euphoric and uplifted while lessening stress and soothing the mind. You may feel tad lethargic and, with an extended dose, intractable couch lock.

  1. Lithium OG Kush Feminized

Lithium OG Kush is a THC-rich, indica dominant marijuana strain with roots in the Netherlands. Surprisingly for an indica, Lithium is an instant jolt of uplifting energy, which swiftly takes you into a state of euphoric happiness. Also, it is extremely effective in helping people with anxiety-related disorders and depression due to its mood-boosting capacity.

Indoors, you can plant the feminized version in quite a few areas as far as you keep the pH and nutrients levels under control. The yield is robust, 500 grams per square meter, with strong plants carrying big, green leaves. Lithium OG Kush Feminized will take a while to start growing with rather small buds at the beginning. Conversely, avoid growing the plant outdoors, if you’re a rookie because it is quite vulnerable in bad weather. When properly sowed, the strain will generate around 700 grams per plant.

lithium og kush, kush seeds

A deeply satisfying drag of the feminine Lithium will give a fierce OG Kush flavor – quite diesel-like and chocolatey. It stimulates a soothing, narcotic effect, and is mastered for both recreational and medicinal users. Therefore, beat that lethargy, and grow your own Lithium OG Kush Feminized now.

  1. Dutch Kush

Dutch Kush is a fully sedative indica developed natively in Amsterdam that is strong and tasty. This three-way cross between Narrow Leaf Afghan, Skunk, and Afghan Kush carries up to 25% THC content and is no slouch. The Kush grows quickly with earthy notes that acquire depth over the curing period.

It has interesting looking nugs with lumpy and long neon green buds. When dried, the bud gives the scent of caramelized sugar and coffee beans while maintaining a pungent floral undertone. The shiny white trichomes on Dutch Kush seem like a blanket of freshly fallen snow and are complemented with orange hairs.

dutch kush, kush seeds

You can expect an indoor yield of 500 grams per square meter, and the same quantity per plant outdoors in about 60 days. If you’re a fan of dessert strains, Dutch Kush is your jam. The ideal time to consume Dutch Kush is after a long day to capitalize on its body and mood enhancing mental euphoria nestled underneath the rimed flora of this Dutch variety.

  1. Bubblelicious Feminized

Conceived in the Midwest of the U.S., and honed in Holland in the ‘90s, Bubblelicious a.k.a Bubble Gum is an even-steven blend of indica and sativa. After several generations, this steady feminized Bubble Gum, with its typical sweet aroma and euphoric high, had been created. The aroma is similar to that of pink bubble gum.

The female Bubble Gum is a compact growing plant due to its indica dominant properties. The strain will look fluffy with big, gluey buds, enriched with about 17% THC volume. The buds are loaded with immensely concentrated resin, which renders it the sweet taste.

The plant is popular for its high yield and will give you indoor produce of nearly 400 grams per square meter. Also, it will bloom in merely eight weeks. You are advised to cultivate Bubblelicious feminized in the colder months to achieve maximum THC potency.

  1. G-13

The only marijuana strain known to be bred under the secret eye of the US government at the University of Mississippi. It is rumored that the FBI and CIA collaborated to develop the most knock-down weed conceivable, and came up with G-13. The strain found its way to Holland in 1986, where it quickly became the mother plant of an array of legendary future strains.

g13 haze cannabis seeds

An indica rich hybrid, designed from a mysterious Afghani seed is so notoriously famous that the majority of its descendants take up its name, i.e., G-13 Haze, Lemon G-13, G-13 Hashplant, and the newly popular XJ-13. A single puff of G-13 will explode its dank, fruity flavor that will rocket straight to your brain.

The dense strain is airy green in color with striking orange pistils and radiates a fruity, citrusy aroma with undertones of mandarin oranges. Outdoors, it grows well in a warm and dry climate and offers a healthy yield of 40 oz. per plant. Conversely, indoor cultivation of G-13 will produce 21 oz. per plant. The flowering time is 10 -11 weeks and the reusable form contains 22 - 24% THC volume.

  1. Blackberry Feminized

blackberry cannabis seeds

Blackberry is a feminized marijuana strain which hails from Holland and descends from Raspberry Cough and Black Domina, a splendid indica strain. It reflects the bushiness and compactness of the Black Domina and is an incredibly popular berry strain among Dutch growers.

This equally sativa and indica hybrid is fantastic for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Indoors the plant will grow medium tall and will generate a yield of up to 500 grams per square meter within 10 weeks. Many weed connoisseurs praise Blackberry for its dark, deep purple color that almost looks black at a glance. Alternatively, outdoors it will grow quite tall.

The final product carries 20 - 25% THC content, which apart from producing a spectacular stone is also good on the medicinal front. You can expect a dense, rich smoke from Blackberry Feminized alongside a mystifying Asian sativa flavor. The high is uplifting and cerebral that you can also have by planting your own Blackberry feminized seeds.

The Best Marijuana To Grow At Home

For the cannabis faithful, home cultivation of marijuana plants is the golden goose of self-preservation for decades. Apart from being a delightfully organic hobby, the return on investment also makes your backyard-grow a simple economic solution.

Moreover, with pot now legal in the majority of the U.S. to some extent — and weed prices retailing in the $150 - $200 per ounce spectrum — it is a no-brainer to sow your own cannabis seeds at home. It also extends a complete control over your end product, including the choice of fertilizers and other additions of your preference.

Therefore, whether you are a marijuana aficionado, a hobbyist or a rookie off the hook, take things into your own hands, and grow the following GSC-recommended cannabis seeds in your home.

  1. BIG BUD
    buy big bud feminized seeds

Big Bud was developed in the U.S. as a possible cross between Northern Lights, Haze, and Afghani before being transported to the Netherlands in the ‘80s to endure the War on Drugs. The strain with a colorful history is, in fact, a legend among cultivators due to its massive yields. You can get 3 - 6 ounce of end product per square ft of your backyard.

Big Bud produces big buds with few leaves, a characteristic unmatched by any other marijuana variety. The flowering time is 7 - 9 weeks, and the strain grows medium-high when given sufficient space to grow. A deep inhale of the dried BUD will provide a spicy, earthy aroma, and a full-body relaxing effect due to its indica lineage.

    buy jock horror autoflowering seeds

Jock Horror Autoflowering is a beautiful option for home growers looking for an automatic strain that is dominantly Sativa (60%). The Jock shapes into a good structure, offers a high yield, and the dried product renders a relaxing, physical and mental high. Also, it blossoms earlier than its original master.

You should be mindful when growing Horror in your home because the plant can become quite tall due to its sativa genes. In merely 9 weeks after germination, you can yield up to 400 grams per square meter. Using 7 to 11-liter plant pots under 600-watt lights is admissible. In your backyard, it can become 1.25 meter tall, and more when grown with careful correctness.

A herb with a citric flavor carrying shades of diesel finishing with an incensed aftertaste. All of it will tie together to leave a sweet taste in your mouth once you’ve ashed the Jock. Your high will be a bit psychedelic yet relaxed, which will allow you to unwind after a long, tiring day.

You can start your delightfully automatic Horror show for less than $12 a seed at DCS.

  1. MISS U.S.A.

What happens when you team up Brad Pitt (read Kosher Kush) and Angelina Jolie (Strawberry Banana)?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith a.k.a MISS U.S.A.

The strain is all the rage in The Golden State due to its fantastic yields and splendid aroma. It can hit the north of 30% THC content when appropriately grown, and is known to carry high limonene and myrcene levels, which makes it a heavy hitter.

MISS USA produces heavily coated, light green buds with dense formations of crystals, and flowers in about 9 weeks. It is a spectacular variety for first timers as well as seasoned cannabis connoisseurs. You can grow it indoors or in your backyard for an expected yield of 450 - 500 grams per square meter.

The finished product rolls nicely, and its pillowy smoke is soft on the lungs, seldom triggering a cough, and leaving a gently sweet potpourri of fragrances across your palette. Miss USA is well-suited for evening and night sessions.

    buy feminized mango skunk cannabis seeds

Mango Skunk is a beautiful offspring of Mango and Venus Flytrap with 19% THC volume.

It originated in the Netherlands. The light green leaves have a deliciously dense resin layer all over it courtesy of the Skunk genes. The leaves are coated in crystals to compliment the delicious essence of Mango Skunk, whose long branches are quite visible once the plant starts blooming in 9 - 10 weeks. More importantly, this indica dominant strain grows well right off the bat, indoors or otherwise. You can expect an indoor yield of 450 grams per square meter under 600 watts light.

The fruity aroma is creamy with an earthy undertone. The flavor is inspired by the sativa genes of both the Skunk Special and Jack Herer heritage with a scrumptious mango taste and traces of cinnamon-like Haze. Moreover, the high, despite the strain being 60% indica, is also influenced by the sativa genes rendering a stimulatingly uplifting and long-lasting haze.

Lastly, Mango skunk strain is ultra-light on your pocket as well. Just $5.80 per seed!


Gorilla is a crazily powerful hybrid of Chem Sis and Sour Dubb with THC levels often crossing the 25% mark. One of the most talked about strain in the USA was an accidental discovery, much like many shockingly good inventions. In fact, the strength of this 50% Indica/Sativa hybrid will test the mettle of even the most seasoned pothead.

The easily growable strain is known to produce moderate yields, high-quality buds, and marvelous lime-green leaves abundantly coated with trichomes. You can sow your Gorilla indoors or outdoors, where it will grow 160 - 170 cm tall with strong resin production.

The finished product will render a splendid high of soothing relaxation tied with an uplifting euphoria. Gorilla offers superb earthy and sweet undertones, accompanied by additional shades of pine and lemon. The smoke is so good that even the fussiest of marijuana connoisseur will acknowledge. Lastly, due to its rollicking potency, Gorilla is an all-natural remedy to lessen chronic pains.

Where Can I Get Marijuana Seeds For My Home?

You can find marijuana seeds on numerous online seed banks. Many of whom are physically located in Spain, the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands. Yet, picking the right merchant to get all-natural seeds is your conscience call.

When you buy your cannabis seeds from an authentic and experienced vendor like Dutch Cannabis Seeds, you’re secure in the knowledge that your order is:

  •       Shipped Stealthily
  •       Billed Discreetly
  •       Premium-Quality

Therefore, check out your cart now, and thanks us on your timeline!

Top 10 Cannabis To Grow In Your Backyard

Belated happy new year’s fellow cannabis growers!

As winter bids us adieu, it is time to make your backyard green again. Today’s cannabis cloning market is quite volatile; that is why the strain that matured so remarkably in your backyard last year might be unavailable in 2019. Therefore, unless you get your seeds from a reputable dealer, you can never guarantee what is growing under your soil. It’s because, much like any popular product, whether it is a new traveling bag, a piece of jewelry, or anything else, the money you pay determines the quality.

The Strain of Your Backyard

Strains of your backyard shouldn’t be too tricky to cultivate because you’re tending a hobby and not running for the Cannabis Cup. Even the green-fingered ones can extend themselves a helping hand by sowing cannabis seeds that are easier to manager in a residential facility.

Therefore, to help you make the proper call, we at Dutch Cannabis Seeds recommend the following 10 strains for your colorful backyard.

  1. G13 Haze - Top Outdoor Strain for Rich THC

G-13 Haze outdoor cannabis growing

G13 Haze comes with a bit of Hollywood-esque history. As the legend goes, back in the ‘60s, all the American ultra-secret agencies hatched this strain from a batch of other potent ones to perfect their Frankenstein’s Monster at the University of Mississippi. But, a sneaky technician stole a sample and started growing it for the masses.

Quite a story right?

To add to the intrigue, the plant is also known as Government Indica Strain 1!

The THC-rich G13 Haze is a legendary blend of G13 and Haze, the famous Hawaiian sativa. It produces an exceptional density of flower and resins and offers healthy yields. The airy green buds are sufficiently dense to be deemed stone-like with orange hairs giving it an almost furry appearance.

The plant carries a profound aroma and a THC volume of 22%. The outdoor flowering time is 8 - 9 weeks, and the seeds can be sowed in August to October. G13 Haze is ideal for SOG (Sea of Green) and ScrOG (Screen of Green) gardens.

This bad boy carries undertones of grapefruit and mandarin oranges leading to nearly psychedelic effects upon consumption. The strain is not recommended for individuals suffering from paranoia.

  1. Pure Power Plant - The High Yield King

pure power plant outdoor

If you’re looking for a potent sativa for your backyard, Pure Power Plant is your organic calling. The strain is easy to grow, flowers in 55 - 65 days, and is famous for its high yields. The PPP seeds typically grow to be 100 to 140 cm tall with jungle-green, long-fingered leaves. The light green buds are fluffy with a benevolent coating of orange to red hairs. THC volume ranges from 8 to 15%.

This strain calls for heaps of warm sunshine for a well-grown plant and is best suited for a climate similar to the Mediterranean. You can harvest a mature PPP in late September or early October. Although Pure Power Plant is not a pure sativa, it still offers a sativa-high that is socially stimulating.

Once harvested, PPP is fantastic for daytime use, and brings forth a gentle, clear-headed sensation. The aroma is musky, citrusy, and a bit too much of this strain will leave you jammed on the couch.

  1. Critical Kush - Top Yield To Flowering Time Ratio

Critical Kush is born out of heavy-yielding champion Critical and the notorious OG Kush, which takes its potency to a new level of nirvana. The hybrid features some of the cerebral and sativa-esque effects of OG Kush, apart from packing a punch of Critical - a classy package of “buy one high, get another free.”

The rewards your garden will receive in late September will be rich, as the strain produces a yield of about 550 grams per square meter, with THC levels of 20%. This yield is due to the abundant number of flowers per plant, which subsequently generates a higher number of densely-packed buds. The spring green leaves are twisted across with orange pistils, while an array of shiny trichomes secure the surfaces of the buds

Backyard hobbyists looking for a strong, sturdy, and heavy-yielding strain can’t go wrong with Critical Kush, which flowers in 55 - 65 days. A matured and dried Critical Kush gives aromatic notes of spice and earthiness and induces a calming euphoria that eases the mind and body.

4 - Amnesia Haze Autoflowering - The Compact Original

amnesia haze outdoor cultivation

As the name suggests, it’s a compact, auto-flowering version of the globally famed Amnesia Haze, which was originally conceived in the Netherlands during the ‘90s. The cross has drastically lessened the flowering time from 15 - 20 weeks to 10 -12 weeks.

Much like the original, Amnesia Haze Autoflowering grows vigorously and offers a healthy yield of high-quality, hazey flowers. It generates an outdoor return of 180 grams per plant, which is fantastic for an automatic strain. However, you ought to be careful not to overfeed the strain as its Haze properties are typically delicate to nutrients. The plant’s long, foxtail-esque buds emit a citrusy and earthy fragrance that only heightens once buds are matured.

By adding the right ratio of Ruderalis to the original genetics, it was possible to sustain its magical aftereffects, i.e. the superb taste and the mind-bending power. In totality, the automatic Amnesia Haze has the flavor, aroma, and effect of the original as well as the growing ease for an average home-cultivator.

  1. BlackBerry Fire - Easy To Grow


Blackberry Fire is a full-flavored cross of Fire Lady and Blackberry Kush with a THC volume of 20 - 25% that is easy to grow in your backyard. Its genetic parent, The Fire Lady, is a famously original phenotype by Purple Caper with a THC potency not less than 25%.

The Stockton, California originated strain produces fluffy buds with amber trichomes and purple undertones. The aroma is earthy with sharp fruitish tones. The 2nd best strain at the 2017 HempCon Cup Awards grows over 6 ft, and a single plant can develop over a pound of flowers while not losing its mellow, indica profile. Also, Blackberry Fire comes with a terpene profile that is more gas and less berry, thereby offering a sour, chemical sweetness with traces of fruit.

The 23% THC Blackberry Fire is a perfect option for rookies as well as veterans who are looking to enhance their indica portfolio.

6 - Blue Mystic - Your Budgeted Weed

blue mystic outdoor growing

Blue Mystic is a genuinely exquisite plant with somewhat mysterious genetics, which contains a bit of Blueberry, Northern Lights and possibly some Skunk. Trichome develops over visibly light blue and pale green buds that are overly dense and heavy. These plants flower blossoms in 7 - 9 weeks, but will not develop much vertically. Therefore, bushing its volume sideways can result in a better yield.

You can grow Blue Mystic in your backyard and expect around 450 grams per square meter. Also, the strain has a unique Blueberry aroma, but it is rather subtle which makes it a fantastic option for discreet growers. It’s admissible to leave the strain in the vegetative state a week longer to maximize the yield. The hybrid carries about 21% THC and requires a sunny climate to thrive. Also, if you order now, we can offer an authentic Blue Mystic seed for less than $6!

  1. Special #1 - Robust For Outdoors

special #1 outdoor growing

Special #1 is a classic 50/50 indica and sativa skunk with Afghani, Mexican, and Colombian roots. It is growable in several different environments, including the colder ones of Northern Europe. The plant grows up to three meters cm in good conditions and gives an outdoor yield of 550 grams per plant. Also, the Special #1 will take less than 8 weeks to mature.

The strain is more suited for decently arranged SoG or ScrOG setup which allows it to really max out the yields. The plant is easy to grow, which makes it a splendid option for new and occasional growers. The Special #1 offers a lovely Skunk stone that made Skunks so popular among cannabis enthusiasts. The 18% THC volume provides an incredibly relaxing high, alongside a typically aromatic skunk flavor.

8 - Northern Light Autoflowering

nortern lights autoflowering cannabis

The automatic version of Northern Lights - one of the most iconic strains worldwide - is for backyard cannabis growers looking for minimal fuss and maximum return. It is an indica/ruderalis variety, which grows around 100 - 130 cm (quite tall for an autoflower), and generates an outdoor yield of about 200 grams per plant.

Moreover, being both automatic and feminized makes Northern Light Auto a versatile strain tailor-made for discreet as well as high-volume home-growers. After a short vegetative phase, the strain starts producing a surfeit of flowers and is ready for harvest after 8–9 weeks.

Similar to the original Northern Lights, the auto-flowering Northern Light at DCS has a delightfully sweet taste and a soothing physical effect complimented with cerebral stimulation.

  1. Green Crack - Not That Crack

green crack cannabis outdoor cultivation

No, you won’t get arrested for growing Green Crack in your home, because this pure cannabis strain is a world removed from the infamous crack. It is yet another Californian gift for backyard hobbyists looking to find their green thumb. The herb was initially called Cush but was rather renamed by a certain Snoop Dogg, after the rapper sampled its strong sativa effects.

Whereas many sativa strains are challenging to grow courtesy of their extended flowering time, Green Crack is easily manageable. It sprouts small, dense buds and pale green to yellow leaves. Also, the rust-colored pistils leap out against the colorful flowers. Moreover, the plant’s indica genes render it a fast flowering time and enhanced yields.

However, this Afghani descendant is a clone-only strain, which makes its availability quite difficult outside the American West Coast. The Crack takes about 7 - 9 weeks to flower, and upon maturity offers a sweet, citrus fragrance which leads to an uplifted high. Lastly, it induces a sharp sense of focus, which can be of massive assistance for creative activities.

  1. Cinex - Offers Cinematic Euphoria

cinex outdoor growing cannabis

Cinex is a genetic cross of Vortex and Cinderella 99, and the hybrid is known to produce an energy-rich euphoria that fuels creative productivity. Its powerful parents offer a sturdy offspring strain with 22% THC content to rookie gardeners looking for some novelty. The plant is also equipped with mildew and mold-resistant genetics, thereby allowing more cushion for error.

The nugs of Cinex comes with an ultra white, green hue, while the leaves are the lightest shade of green you’ll ever see. These pleasant nuggets feature a healthy crystal frosting, and the exquisite buds render a splendid stone. Cinex flowers in 50 - 60 days, and is considered a staple in the backyard of many home growers courtesy of its heavy yields and a compact growing time.

The mature and dried strain will extend a pleasant euphoria and an energetic boost making Cinex a fantastic daytime smoke.

Where Can I Get Cannabis Seeds For My Backyard?

You can find cannabis seeds on any number of online seed banks. The majority of these are physically located in Spain, the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands. Yet, picking the right merchant to source all-organic seeds is your conscience call.

When you purchase your cannabis seeds from a reliably experienced vendor such as Dutch Cannabis Seeds, you’re safe in the knowledge that your order is:

  • Shipped Stealthily
  • Billed Discreetly
  • Premium-Quality

Therefore, check out your cart now, and appreciate us later!

Cannabis That A 12-Year-Old Can Smoke

"If you want to get high, you're gonna get high!"

-One CEGEP Student

Teenagers today are starting everything earlier: drugs, violence, sex, and, of course, social media. Yesterday, my younger cousin showed me her Facebook profile, and her display picture had 857 likes.

This was puzzling for me because she is only a sixth grader!

I was astonished as well as a bit jealous. The staggering number of likes compelled me to zone out as the teenager jabbered about how important is “PLUR” a.k.a peace, love, unity, and respect to her. Since my 12-year-old cousin appeared so wise beyond her age, it made me curious what else teenagers these days may know that I did not during my youthful days. For instance, using pot!

The Good Ol’ Media

Admittedly, the mainstream media is spewing immensely exaggerated and often false facts about cannabis consumption for many decades. For instance:

  • It is often claimed that marijuana causes brain damage. Yet, research suggests that the negative impact of weed on the brain is usually negligible and reversible. However, exposure to mind-bending substances such as heroin and cocaine during the formative years must be avoided. Even, hard liquor is more hazardous than pot.
  • It is typically argued that marijuana consumption is increasing the rate of school dropouts. However, the research findings do not consider cannabis to be the principal factor in a teenager quitting school. While there is a link between marijuana and leaving school, the association may well be the consequence of common elements such as family issues or personality traits, which increases the risks of both using weed and abandoning school.

Cannabis Strains That 12 Year Old Are Smoking in 2019

According to Forbes, the global cannabis industry is projected to be a $31.4 billion market by 2021. So, frankly not every strain sold is toked by an adult. In fact, in Canada, a 12-year-old can carry five grams of cannabis. Surprisingly, there are no possession-punishments for minors under the Canadian federal law. Nonetheless, each province can tweak their own respective rules.

So, we at Dutch Cannabis Seeds did our own research to discover exactly what cannabis strains these modern 12-year-olds are smoking. The results are as following:

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream will knock out your physical discomfort while expanding your energy. The aftereffects are euphorically uplifting, but too much toking can couch-lock you. The winner of the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup offers a splendid combination of sweet and sour exotic citrus flavors, which makes smoking it a mouthwatering treat for the palate.

Tangerine Dream is a threefold cross of Afghani, G13, and Neville’s A5 Haze, and by all measures is a cannabis strain for connoisseurs. It brings the most exceptional characteristics of its high-grade parents in unison with additional hybrid vigor. The reason this strain is gaining mileage among the teenagers - especially the nerdy ones - is due to its capacity to offer mental clarity while genuinely relaxing the muscles.

White Widow

The hybrid was conceived in the Netherlands, and its white buds and crystal resins sprouted the borders to achieve worldwide fame. A deeply satisfying drag of White Widow will explode a burst of euphoric energy in you, and your conversations and creativity will be instantly stimulated.

The strain is gaining fame among smart, chatty teenagers, and is gracing every Dutch coffeeshop since the ‘90s. This Dutch strain will offer you shades of a citrusy, flowery flavor, but due to its high trichome count, White Widow is not known for being high in taste.

In fact, you can have your own White Widow growing in the basement for less than $12. The plant will flower in about 8 - 9 weeks; ready for a delicious treat. Also, the strain is resistant to climatic swings and can completely blossom without requiring extensive care.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a legendary strain from the West Coast, and few hits of it will morph full-body relaxation into a genteel cerebral invigoration. The strain is equally popular among rookie and seasoned consumers courtesy of its tranquil euphoria. The sativa-rich strain is bred by crossing a sativa Haze with the Blueberry indica.

The luscious flavors of sugar and blueberry are enduring and stay on your tongue long after the herbs are ashed. Its nugs are bushy and long, with deep blue and amber hairs, and a plentiful of creamy white trichomes. Our research tells that Blue Dream is extremely popular among high school kids, especially when exit exams are around the corner.

Cannabis enthusiasts suggest planting this strain outdoors, where it will bloom in about 9 - 10 weeks.

OG Kush

OG Kush is the genetic anchor of West Coast marijuana varieties and is loved for its capacity to squash stress while inflicting a euphoric mist. A powerful drag will usher a sour lemon and earthy pine aroma with woody undertones. Moreover, its flavor can astonish even the weariest of self-declared stoners, with perceptible undertones of lime, spice, and lemon – as well as wispy specks of a citrusy splash.

The high of OG Kush is tilted more towards your head than the physical body. It kicks off with an abrupt headrush that will lead you to feel more engaged with your surroundings; colors and sounds might seem intensified. This sudden alteration may soon transmute into an uplifting mood that advances towards euphoria.

Communication is Salvation

Lastly, while it might appear more corrective to condemn cannabis use by teenagers and threaten them with penalization - the inverse may well be a more practical strategy. It’s because a failure to acknowledge the reality of marijuana and going cold turkey on its usage will make it some kind of a taboo. Every parent knows how teenagers satiate their taboos - behind your back and behind closed doors.

Remember that maintaining an unapproachable stance on cannabis may well distance your teenage child from you. If you’re a consumer yourself, invite your kid to join you in planting some cannabis seeds in your backyard. If your child doesn’t like the experience, he/she will back away from the herb eventually.

Everybody wins!

The best temperature for cannabis plants

Proper temperature is one highly variable factor. Most books state optimum grow temperature to be 21-27° Celsius (70- 80 F), but many list extenuating circumstances that allow temperatures to go higher. Assuming genetics is not a factor, plants seem to be able to absorb more light at higher temps, perhaps up to 32° C (90 F).

High light and CO2 levels could make this go as high as 35° Celsius (95 F) for increased growth speed. An optimum of 35° Celsius is new scientific data that assumes very-high light, CO2 enrichment of 1500 ppm and good regular venting to keep humidity down. It is not clear if these temperature will reduce potency in flowers. But higher temperatures will make plants grow vegetatively much faster, by exciting the plants metabolism, assuming the required levels of CO2 and light are available, and humidity is not allowed to get too high.

With normal levels of CO2, in a well vented space, 32° C (90 F) would seem to be the absolute max, while 29° C (85 F) may be closer to optimum, even with a great deal of light available. Do not let the room temperature get over 35° C (95 F) as this hurts growth.

The optimal temperature is 27-30° C (80-86 F) if you have strong light with no CO2 enrichment, which is most likely your average indoor growing situation. Less than 21° C (70 F) is too cold for good growth.

Low temperatures at night are OK down to about 15° C (60 F) outdoors, then start to effect the growth in a big way. Mid 50s will cause mild shock and 40s will kill your plants with repeated exposure. Keep your plants warm, especially the roots. Elevate pots if you think the ground is sucking the heat out of the roots. This is an issue if you have a slab or other type of cold floor.

As temperature goes up, so does the ability of the air to hold water, thus reducing humidity, so a higher average temperature should reduce risk of fungus.

Contrary to many reports, high humidity is not good for plants except during germination and rooting. Lower humidity levels help the plant transpire CO2 and reduce risk of molds during flowering.

It may be a good idea to reduce temperatures once flowering has started, to preserve potency, even if it does reduce growth speed. Studies indicate the potency of buds goes down as the temperature goes up, so it is important to see that the plants do not get too hot during flowering cycles. When flowering the temperature should not drop below 15° C (60 F).

Which strains will get you nice high or stoned?

“Let’s get high, or let’s get stoned?”

‘Whatever dude, just pass the blunt!’

When we talk about smoking weed, being high or being stoned are often used interchangeably. Yet, both of them are different experiences. Read along to know why:

Getting high

At first, there is a buzz - the feeling you experience when the marijuana strain first kicks in and starts altering your state of being. And then you get high, which is defined by a classy upswing in emotional uplift and physical energy. Your high also relies upon a few variables: potency of the marijuana strain, consumption method, and your cannabis smoking experience.

We, at Dutch Cannabis Seeds, recommend the following two highs:

Amnesia Haze (22% THC)

Amnesia Haze with its earthy flavors of citrus and lemons is a perfect strain to kickstart your weekend. Backed by a power-packed THC volume, this 2004 Cannabis Cup winner renders an extremely high, long-lasting, and energetic impact. The smoke of Haze is buttery smooth, and travels easily to your lungs, with little to no cough involved, as long as you’re using a high-quality batch.

Its genetics are traced back to the Jamaican and South Asian landrace strains, and the strain is ultra popular at the Amsterdam coffee shops.

The Effects of Amnesia Haze

  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted
  • Relaxed
  • Energetic

The Negatives of Amnesia Haze

  • Dry Mouth

Take my word, and toke up some Amnesia. The strain will teach you its name befittingly.

Alternatively, you can grow the feminized version of Amnesia Haze yourself. As a surprise birthday gift for your hipster girlfriend, or to save money buying future stash. Just make sure to do so at least three months before the D-day since the seeds take about 12 weeks to bloom.

Royal Highness (14% THC)

The Royal Highness will accord you a clean and clear high minus the euphoria. While the herb is indica in strength, its effects are led by the sativa influence. The blend of both results in an energetically active high, which rewards you with a crystal clear head. A 3rd place winner at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup, Royal Highness is genetically a combination of Respect and Dance Hall. A smoothly deep drag of this strain will invoke flavors of skunky spice and sweet fruit.

Effects of Royal Highness

  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Focused
  • Relaxed

Negatives of Royal Highness

  • Dry Eyes

Getting stoned

Whereas getting high is all about being ‘high up in the sky,’ getting stoned is described as having heavy, drowsy, and dopey sensations. When you get high, everything seems to move briskly in a euphoric manner. Alternatively, a good stone will feel as if everything is operating in slow motion. However, any seasoned stoner will tell you that a high eventually becomes a stone after peak intoxication.

We suggest the following strain to get a coma-induced stoned:

Original Glue aka Gorilla Glue #4 (30% THC)

From our own collection, the strongest strain that we have is definitely Original Glue (Gorilla Glue #4), this strain is not for the faint hearted and will give you an incredibly heavy couch-lock. The effects are extremely sedative, almost coma inducing. If you are just beginning smoking or if you have a low tolerance, don't start with this strain. This strain has so much resin that the buds, when you touch them, they are glued to your fingers.

Effect of Original Glue

  • Emptying your mind
  • Couch-lock
  • Sleep inducing
  • Pain relieving

Negatives of Original Glue

  • Deep red eyes
  • Laziness

Kosher Kush (29% THC)

Kosher Kush will powerfully sedate you by creating a body buzz, thereby allowing your mind to calm down from racing thoughts. Its aroma is quite earthy and picks up the intensity as the buds broke up. The taste as well is delightfully earthy with piney undertones. The stoned-effect of Kosher is typical of many popular heavy indica strains, generating pronounced relaxation and bodily relief. However, rookie users better avoid this big-league bud. It is admissible to smoke this strain in the evening since you wouldn’t be able to get anything done after tasting the Kush.

The Kosher Kush originated in L.A. as a clone-only strain and went on to win High Times Cannabis Cups for Best Indica as well as Best Strain in 2010 - 2011. This pure indica strain is almost a THC nirvana with few samples reporting over 29% volume.

Effects of Kosher Kush

  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy

Negatives of Kosher Kush

  • Dry Mouth

The mind versus body high of indica and sativa

The strain type plays a fundamental role in determining whether you will experience a high or stoned sensation. Given that sativas are linked with physical energy, mental stimulation, and even anxiety, they are renowned for stimulating a high. Yet, if you smoke too much of any strain, including a sativa, the high will in time turn into a groggy body stone.

However, if you are after instant physical effects, the following pure indica is your smoking option:

Northern Lights (19% THC)

Don’t drink and drive, smoke Northern Lights and fly!

A bit of exaggeration aside, the descendant of indigenous Thai and Afghani landrace herbs is a globally iconic strain, which itself gave rise to popular hybrids such as Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk. The herb first sprouted near Seattle in the USA but was cultivated outside the Netherlands only after the mid-‘80s.

The first drag will offer earthy and pine-like flavor, but quickly it will morph into a sugary candy-like taste, which makes it an excellent late night option. Occasionally, you may feel traces of citrus in Northern Light, which further compliments the robust flavor profile. The strain’s psychoactive effects will settle firmly across the body, thereby relaxing your muscles and easing the mind in a languid euphoria.

Do you know, the cannabis connoisseurs of 2019 plant their own seeds? You can also get your Northern Lights seeds here.

Effects of Northern Lights

  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Hungry
  • Sleepy

Negatives of Northern Lights

  • Dry Mouth

Durban Poison (17% THC)

Durban Poison is your perfect solution to get a productive-high across a busy day when several activities are demanding your attention simultaneously. The Durban-based strain has gained global fame for its sweet fragrance and uplifting, energetic effects.

A deeply satisfying drag of the Poison will invoke flavors of vanilla, anise, spiced orange, lemon and fennel, all knitted together with a rich creaminess. The majority would agree that the strain offers a genuinely natural aftertaste, which in the haze of the Poison feels like mother nature weaving her magic from upstairs.

Effects of Durban Poison

  • Energetic
  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted
  • Focused

Negatives of Durban Poison

  • Dry Mouth

The Best Strain For Female Arousal

Weed That Makes My Wife Get As Wet As Our Swimming Pool

Virtual reality, non-monogamy, and sex doll brothels. There is no end to the ventures couples are willing to embark on to heighten both the quality and quantity of their sex life.

But, let’s cut the chase and be real here: the old school route of toking up before a sex act is still one of the best things ever. Sure, clumsy, alcohol-driven sex is quite stellar too, but many readers would agree that stoned sex trumps drunk sex. It’s because everything, including eating Pizza nachos and doing things to your dripping, stoned wife, feels so good when you're both faded.

When THC enters your wife’s bloodstream, it almost immediately stimulates her testosterone production and increases the level up to six times. And that, my friends, is what makes your wife as wet as your swimming pool. Now, stop sweating, and tend to her needs by ordering the following strains to keep her and your marriage happily moist:

Strawberry Cough

If you want your fun date night with your wife climax into a delightfully relaxed lovemaking session, trust Strawberry Cough to do so for you two. This robust sativa blend will give your wife a tingly body high, while the uplifting, cerebral effects will slap a smile on her face without making her a veggie.

Strawberry Cough is known for its sweet fragrance of fresh strawberries and a citrusy, berry flavor. However, as the name suggests, this strain of mysterious genetic origin is the real deal. It will make you and your wife cough up a lung even if both of you are eating the most organic broccoli for years. Still, many stoners admit coughing gets them higher, so there is that.

The strain contains 16 - 22% THC volume, and its anti-anxiety benefits are extremely helpful when trying any new experience in the bedroom. The only manageable downside is a dry mouth, which I am sure will find a way to satiate itself.

Sour Diesel - For Frenzied, Lustful Sex

If you want to get your wife in a “let’s bang like rabbits” type of mood, Sour Diesel is the fuel of your MaryJane inspired dreams. The dreamy, yet energizing cerebral effects will flood your wife with an unquenchable lusty desire, and your every touch will make her feel as if she’s being caressed by an angel.

Both of you will get a rush of stimulated energy after hitting Sour Diesel, which can be instantly directed into some intense, no-nonsense “keep-ramming-and-don’t-stop” sex. This strain has the power to grant you the kind of sex where you crave your partner with an almost animalistic desire, where your heart is pounding, and every touch is electrifying. It’s a spectacular feeling, and a high-octane strain such as Sour Diesel only augments it.

The herb is a descendant of Super Skunk and Chemdog 91 and took roots in the early '90s. The Sour Diesel contains an 18 - 23% THC volume.

Purple Princess

Few hits of Purple Princess will make your princess high as a pie and wet as a well-trained Geisha. She’ll feel euphoric, and seductively tingly from head to toe. Of course, the extended lovemaking which follows will be an erotic journey destined for Orgasmville.

Remember, Purple Princess is not your typical fairytale girl. Thought to be the offspring of Ice Princess and Cinderella 99, this strain has a knack of creeping up on both of you, if taken a bit too much. The herb is especially notable for its distinctive grape and berry-like taste and vivid color.

At 14%, the THC level is comparatively low than other strained mentioned here, but that ratio is enough to ensure a prolonged courtship. The only minor negative is slight dizziness, which I am sure the joy of love will overcome.

Harlequin - For Rise and Shine Sex

If you are a 9 - 5 job person, you might not have the opportunity to get hyper baked before work. Simultaneously, you - like many others - love morning sex to start the day on an exhilarating note.

Now, what to do, when your wife wants both these things? You get Harlequin, my friend!

Harlequin is a sativa-dominant descendant of Colombian Gold, Swiss and Thai landrace strains, and a Nepali indica. Harlequin’s CBD/THC ratio of 5/2 makes it extremely useful to treat pain and anxiety, which significantly helps in lowering any sexual inhibitions without inducing a heavy haze.  The clear-headed effects of Harlequin are ideal for morning sex. You will feel present and focused on pleasing your ladylove instead of fretting over meeting a client later in the day.

I personally find this combination much better than coffee to get my day started.

GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) - For Sexy Solo Time

This last strain is your gift to your wife for her solo times because when you are out there fighting crime, she gets a little lonely. Here’s why your wife will love herself more in the sauna after a bit of GSC:

  • Masturbation is amazing and medically good for human body.
  • You or your wife cannot always have partnered sex courtesy of factors beyond the control of both of you, i.e. distance, time, or opportunity. Yet, either of you can still find time for self-loving, which is the purest love, anyway.

GSC is a solo superstar because it is euphorically creative, which assists enriching fantasies in realizing them more vividly. I must tell you, my wife couldn’t stop thanking me for getting her an oz. of GSC. According to her, she took a couple of hits, pulled out her phone and started reading erotica. Once she was sufficiently aroused, the phone went away, and her imagination took over. Should I tell you that her vividly sexualized details weren’t the only reward I earned the previous night?

While you imagine it, you can also earn yourself an all-night sexual glory by actually growing your wife’s GSC yourself. It takes less than eight weeks to blossom, my friend.