Top 10 Cannabis Seeds In Holland

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

- Bob Marley

During the ‘60s, when the U.S. was waging a full-blown war against the ‘public enemy number one,’ the sleepy Holland was only just warming up to it.

Perhaps this northwestern European country’s first mass marijuana carnival outside the confines of Amsterdam hippie environs was the Kralingen Music Festival in Rotterdam in 1970. The Festival became a significantly historical event and sowed seeds of the Netherlands tolerance policy towards nederwiet (Dutch weed).

The authorities have maintained a stance that blowen (local jargon for pot-smoking) is not more dangerous than coffee or alcohol. In fact, a 2009 Dutch state report ranked cannabis 10th in the list of most dangerous drugs. Today, Holland is a pioneer in producing some of the dankest cannabis seeds in the world. Here are 10 of them:

  1. DCS Special Indica

dcs special indica, cannabis seeds

We invite you to join a marijuana legacy by trying our very own Dutch Cannabis Special feminized marijuana seeds. Allow us to excite the cultivator in you by declaring the yield your DCS Special Indica strain will generate:

700 grams per square meter!

Also, did I tell you the THC volume is like extremely high?

Our Feminist Special is an indica strain, and courtesy of its innate nature, you don’t have to go through the trouble of splitting out the non-budding, male plants. You can plant the DCS Special seed in your backyard, hydroponic apparatus, or even indoors. We recommend growing this strain during warm summers to ensure a powerful final product.

The plant is also feasible medicinally and helps to lessen stress, anxiety as well as insomnia. Your high will be deeply relaxed and will induce heavily sedated effects that will last long baby-like sleep. You’re welcome to try our finest DCS Special Indica feminized seeds to make your home green again. A pure indica legend.

  1. Holland's Hope

Holland's Hope was one of the earliest marijuana varieties designed for rugged outdoor conditions. In the early ‘80s, Holland's Hope was created in the Netherlands and was named for its capacity to generate excellent results in cold and wet summers, thereby raising the hopes of the Dutch outdoor growers. Because the Hope was bred for soggy circumstances, it is fungus-resistant. This pure indica descended from Skunk (Sativa) and Afghanistan (Indica).

It is ideal for outdoor cultivation where it produces solid, dense buds and can gain a height of over 1.80 meters. You can expect a yield of a staggering 700 grams per plant in 8 - 9 weeks of flowering time. After stoking Holland’s Hope, you will experience tastes of sandalwood, earth, maple, pine, and hashish. The scents oozing off this strain are equally magnificent and consists of rose, vanilla, lemon, and pepper.

hollands hope marijuana seeds

The THC content is projected to be around 18%, which induces an uplifting cerebral high, making you feel happy and giggly. These effects are accompanied by a powering muscle-soothing buzz that can pouch your entire body. However, higher doses may well produce sedation, couch-lock, and increased appetite.

  1. Amnesia Haze Feminized

Haze originated in California of the ‘70s, but really found wings once it reached the Dutch shores. There its prime genetics were crossbred with many locally developed hybrid strains to create Amnesia Haze, which went on to gain an iconic status worldwide. Today, it is considered one of the most significant cannabis sativas ever developed and is a staple at the Dutch coffeeshops.

Therefore, it made sense to also make Amnesia Haze Feminized in the Netherlands. The feminine version induces a nearly psychedelic experience and an intensely extended high.

Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds, autoflowering and feminized seeds

Structure-wise, it’s a medium-sized plant, which grows up to 1.2 meters tall and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors with equal results. It may take about 12-weeks to flower, but is known to produce an outdoor yield of 600 grams per plant. Indoors, you can expect about 200 grams per plant. Courtesy of its rich 20% THC content, feminized Amnesia Haze is also a splendid medical strain, which anyone can grow in their backyard.

  1. Big Bud Feminized

Big Bud - a strain renowned for its staggering yields - originated in the USA, and migrated to Holland in the ‘80s. Through extensive experimentation, the Big Bud clone was brought back to its roots by crossing it with a rare Afghani, which resulted in the original, Big Bud seed-strain. Breeding continued, with an intent to produce a dependable, uniform feminized variant of this extraordinary variety which after years of testing is now publicly available.

big bud feminized seeds, extreme high yield

This all-female hybrid is as punchy and vigorous as its parent and offers a more refined aroma with a spicy undercurrent that flows through the sweet-fruity flavor. Courtesy of its prolific resin production, you’re in for a mighty physical stone. Moreover, the plant growth is sturdy, yet easily controllable. For instance, if you fancy huge plants, extend the vegetation time a little.

Big Bud feminized can be cultivated indoors as well as outdoors in warm, sunny climates. You can expect about a yield of 800 grams of reusable weed per square meter in 8 - 9 weeks. The finished product contains 15% THC content.

  1. Dutch Treat

Over the years, Dutch Treat (also called Dutch Crunch) has attained immortality in the Amsterdam coffee shops. It is an indica dominant hybrid that was initially developed in the Pacific Northwest, but eventually gained popularity in Holland. The Treat has mysterious origins with unconfirmed sources tracing its roots back to Northern Lights and Haze.

dutch treat cannabis seeds

Despite being rich in indica, the conical and tapered buds are more sativa structurally, and the dark green leaves are more soft and wispy than heavily packed. The dense, gluey buds radiate an intense fragrance of sweet fruits blended with eucalyptus trees and pine. You can expect an indoor yield of about 350 grams per square meter, while outdoors you can harvest a bit over 200 grams per plant in 8 - 9 weeks.

The combination of minimum CBD (1%) and high THC (up to 30%) benefits you physically as well as psychoactively. Dutch Treat is a fantastic option for post-sunset socializing or introspection. The cerebral high rushes through leaving you feeling euphoric and uplifted while lessening stress and soothing the mind. You may feel tad lethargic and, with an extended dose, intractable couch lock.

  1. Lithium OG Kush Feminized

Lithium OG Kush is a THC-rich, indica dominant marijuana strain with roots in the Netherlands. Surprisingly for an indica, Lithium is an instant jolt of uplifting energy, which swiftly takes you into a state of euphoric happiness. Also, it is extremely effective in helping people with anxiety-related disorders and depression due to its mood-boosting capacity.

Indoors, you can plant the feminized version in quite a few areas as far as you keep the pH and nutrients levels under control. The yield is robust, 500 grams per square meter, with strong plants carrying big, green leaves. Lithium OG Kush Feminized will take a while to start growing with rather small buds at the beginning. Conversely, avoid growing the plant outdoors, if you’re a rookie because it is quite vulnerable in bad weather. When properly sowed, the strain will generate around 700 grams per plant.

lithium og kush, kush seeds

A deeply satisfying drag of the feminine Lithium will give a fierce OG Kush flavor – quite diesel-like and chocolatey. It stimulates a soothing, narcotic effect, and is mastered for both recreational and medicinal users. Therefore, beat that lethargy, and grow your own Lithium OG Kush Feminized now.

  1. Dutch Kush

Dutch Kush is a fully sedative indica developed natively in Amsterdam that is strong and tasty. This three-way cross between Narrow Leaf Afghan, Skunk, and Afghan Kush carries up to 25% THC content and is no slouch. The Kush grows quickly with earthy notes that acquire depth over the curing period.

It has interesting looking nugs with lumpy and long neon green buds. When dried, the bud gives the scent of caramelized sugar and coffee beans while maintaining a pungent floral undertone. The shiny white trichomes on Dutch Kush seem like a blanket of freshly fallen snow and are complemented with orange hairs.

dutch kush, kush seeds

You can expect an indoor yield of 500 grams per square meter, and the same quantity per plant outdoors in about 60 days. If you’re a fan of dessert strains, Dutch Kush is your jam. The ideal time to consume Dutch Kush is after a long day to capitalize on its body and mood enhancing mental euphoria nestled underneath the rimed flora of this Dutch variety.

  1. Bubblelicious Feminized

Conceived in the Midwest of the U.S., and honed in Holland in the ‘90s, Bubblelicious a.k.a Bubble Gum is an even-steven blend of indica and sativa. After several generations, this steady feminized Bubble Gum, with its typical sweet aroma and euphoric high, had been created. The aroma is similar to that of pink bubble gum.

The female Bubble Gum is a compact growing plant due to its indica dominant properties. The strain will look fluffy with big, gluey buds, enriched with about 17% THC volume. The buds are loaded with immensely concentrated resin, which renders it the sweet taste.

The plant is popular for its high yield and will give you indoor produce of nearly 400 grams per square meter. Also, it will bloom in merely eight weeks. You are advised to cultivate Bubblelicious feminized in the colder months to achieve maximum THC potency.

  1. G-13

The only marijuana strain known to be bred under the secret eye of the US government at the University of Mississippi. It is rumored that the FBI and CIA collaborated to develop the most knock-down weed conceivable, and came up with G-13. The strain found its way to Holland in 1986, where it quickly became the mother plant of an array of legendary future strains.

g13 haze cannabis seeds

An indica rich hybrid, designed from a mysterious Afghani seed is so notoriously famous that the majority of its descendants take up its name, i.e., G-13 Haze, Lemon G-13, G-13 Hashplant, and the newly popular XJ-13. A single puff of G-13 will explode its dank, fruity flavor that will rocket straight to your brain.

The dense strain is airy green in color with striking orange pistils and radiates a fruity, citrusy aroma with undertones of mandarin oranges. Outdoors, it grows well in a warm and dry climate and offers a healthy yield of 40 oz. per plant. Conversely, indoor cultivation of G-13 will produce 21 oz. per plant. The flowering time is 10 -11 weeks and the reusable form contains 22 - 24% THC volume.

  1. Blackberry Feminized

blackberry cannabis seeds

Blackberry is a feminized marijuana strain which hails from Holland and descends from Raspberry Cough and Black Domina, a splendid indica strain. It reflects the bushiness and compactness of the Black Domina and is an incredibly popular berry strain among Dutch growers.

This equally sativa and indica hybrid is fantastic for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Indoors the plant will grow medium tall and will generate a yield of up to 500 grams per square meter within 10 weeks. Many weed connoisseurs praise Blackberry for its dark, deep purple color that almost looks black at a glance. Alternatively, outdoors it will grow quite tall.

The final product carries 20 - 25% THC content, which apart from producing a spectacular stone is also good on the medicinal front. You can expect a dense, rich smoke from Blackberry Feminized alongside a mystifying Asian sativa flavor. The high is uplifting and cerebral that you can also have by planting your own Blackberry feminized seeds.