Top 10 Cannabis To Grow In Your Backyard

Belated happy new year’s fellow cannabis growers!

As winter bids us adieu, it is time to make your backyard green again. Today’s cannabis cloning market is quite volatile; that is why the strain that matured so remarkably in your backyard last year might be unavailable in 2019. Therefore, unless you get your seeds from a reputable dealer, you can never guarantee what is growing under your soil. It’s because, much like any popular product, whether it is a new traveling bag, a piece of jewelry, or anything else, the money you pay determines the quality.

The Strain of Your Backyard

Strains of your backyard shouldn’t be too tricky to cultivate because you’re tending a hobby and not running for the Cannabis Cup. Even the green-fingered ones can extend themselves a helping hand by sowing cannabis seeds that are easier to manager in a residential facility.

Therefore, to help you make the proper call, we at Dutch Cannabis Seeds recommend the following 10 strains for your colorful backyard.

  1. G13 Haze - Top Outdoor Strain for Rich THC

G-13 Haze outdoor cannabis growing

G13 Haze comes with a bit of Hollywood-esque history. As the legend goes, back in the ‘60s, all the American ultra-secret agencies hatched this strain from a batch of other potent ones to perfect their Frankenstein’s Monster at the University of Mississippi. But, a sneaky technician stole a sample and started growing it for the masses.

Quite a story right?

To add to the intrigue, the plant is also known as Government Indica Strain 1!

The THC-rich G13 Haze is a legendary blend of G13 and Haze, the famous Hawaiian sativa. It produces an exceptional density of flower and resins and offers healthy yields. The airy green buds are sufficiently dense to be deemed stone-like with orange hairs giving it an almost furry appearance.

The plant carries a profound aroma and a THC volume of 22%. The outdoor flowering time is 8 - 9 weeks, and the seeds can be sowed in August to October. G13 Haze is ideal for SOG (Sea of Green) and ScrOG (Screen of Green) gardens.

This bad boy carries undertones of grapefruit and mandarin oranges leading to nearly psychedelic effects upon consumption. The strain is not recommended for individuals suffering from paranoia.

  1. Pure Power Plant - The High Yield King

pure power plant outdoor

If you’re looking for a potent sativa for your backyard, Pure Power Plant is your organic calling. The strain is easy to grow, flowers in 55 - 65 days, and is famous for its high yields. The PPP seeds typically grow to be 100 to 140 cm tall with jungle-green, long-fingered leaves. The light green buds are fluffy with a benevolent coating of orange to red hairs. THC volume ranges from 8 to 15%.

This strain calls for heaps of warm sunshine for a well-grown plant and is best suited for a climate similar to the Mediterranean. You can harvest a mature PPP in late September or early October. Although Pure Power Plant is not a pure sativa, it still offers a sativa-high that is socially stimulating.

Once harvested, PPP is fantastic for daytime use, and brings forth a gentle, clear-headed sensation. The aroma is musky, citrusy, and a bit too much of this strain will leave you jammed on the couch.

  1. Critical Kush - Top Yield To Flowering Time Ratio

Critical Kush is born out of heavy-yielding champion Critical and the notorious OG Kush, which takes its potency to a new level of nirvana. The hybrid features some of the cerebral and sativa-esque effects of OG Kush, apart from packing a punch of Critical - a classy package of “buy one high, get another free.”

The rewards your garden will receive in late September will be rich, as the strain produces a yield of about 550 grams per square meter, with THC levels of 20%. This yield is due to the abundant number of flowers per plant, which subsequently generates a higher number of densely-packed buds. The spring green leaves are twisted across with orange pistils, while an array of shiny trichomes secure the surfaces of the buds

Backyard hobbyists looking for a strong, sturdy, and heavy-yielding strain can’t go wrong with Critical Kush, which flowers in 55 - 65 days. A matured and dried Critical Kush gives aromatic notes of spice and earthiness and induces a calming euphoria that eases the mind and body.

4 - Amnesia Haze Autoflowering - The Compact Original

amnesia haze outdoor cultivation

As the name suggests, it’s a compact, auto-flowering version of the globally famed Amnesia Haze, which was originally conceived in the Netherlands during the ‘90s. The cross has drastically lessened the flowering time from 15 - 20 weeks to 10 -12 weeks.

Much like the original, Amnesia Haze Autoflowering grows vigorously and offers a healthy yield of high-quality, hazey flowers. It generates an outdoor return of 180 grams per plant, which is fantastic for an automatic strain. However, you ought to be careful not to overfeed the strain as its Haze properties are typically delicate to nutrients. The plant’s long, foxtail-esque buds emit a citrusy and earthy fragrance that only heightens once buds are matured.

By adding the right ratio of Ruderalis to the original genetics, it was possible to sustain its magical aftereffects, i.e. the superb taste and the mind-bending power. In totality, the automatic Amnesia Haze has the flavor, aroma, and effect of the original as well as the growing ease for an average home-cultivator.

  1. BlackBerry Fire - Easy To Grow


Blackberry Fire is a full-flavored cross of Fire Lady and Blackberry Kush with a THC volume of 20 - 25% that is easy to grow in your backyard. Its genetic parent, The Fire Lady, is a famously original phenotype by Purple Caper with a THC potency not less than 25%.

The Stockton, California originated strain produces fluffy buds with amber trichomes and purple undertones. The aroma is earthy with sharp fruitish tones. The 2nd best strain at the 2017 HempCon Cup Awards grows over 6 ft, and a single plant can develop over a pound of flowers while not losing its mellow, indica profile. Also, Blackberry Fire comes with a terpene profile that is more gas and less berry, thereby offering a sour, chemical sweetness with traces of fruit.

The 23% THC Blackberry Fire is a perfect option for rookies as well as veterans who are looking to enhance their indica portfolio.

6 - Blue Mystic - Your Budgeted Weed

blue mystic outdoor growing

Blue Mystic is a genuinely exquisite plant with somewhat mysterious genetics, which contains a bit of Blueberry, Northern Lights and possibly some Skunk. Trichome develops over visibly light blue and pale green buds that are overly dense and heavy. These plants flower blossoms in 7 - 9 weeks, but will not develop much vertically. Therefore, bushing its volume sideways can result in a better yield.

You can grow Blue Mystic in your backyard and expect around 450 grams per square meter. Also, the strain has a unique Blueberry aroma, but it is rather subtle which makes it a fantastic option for discreet growers. It’s admissible to leave the strain in the vegetative state a week longer to maximize the yield. The hybrid carries about 21% THC and requires a sunny climate to thrive. Also, if you order now, we can offer an authentic Blue Mystic seed for less than $6!

  1. Special #1 - Robust For Outdoors

special #1 outdoor growing

Special #1 is a classic 50/50 indica and sativa skunk with Afghani, Mexican, and Colombian roots. It is growable in several different environments, including the colder ones of Northern Europe. The plant grows up to three meters cm in good conditions and gives an outdoor yield of 550 grams per plant. Also, the Special #1 will take less than 8 weeks to mature.

The strain is more suited for decently arranged SoG or ScrOG setup which allows it to really max out the yields. The plant is easy to grow, which makes it a splendid option for new and occasional growers. The Special #1 offers a lovely Skunk stone that made Skunks so popular among cannabis enthusiasts. The 18% THC volume provides an incredibly relaxing high, alongside a typically aromatic skunk flavor.

8 - Northern Light Autoflowering

nortern lights autoflowering cannabis

The automatic version of Northern Lights - one of the most iconic strains worldwide - is for backyard cannabis growers looking for minimal fuss and maximum return. It is an indica/ruderalis variety, which grows around 100 - 130 cm (quite tall for an autoflower), and generates an outdoor yield of about 200 grams per plant.

Moreover, being both automatic and feminized makes Northern Light Auto a versatile strain tailor-made for discreet as well as high-volume home-growers. After a short vegetative phase, the strain starts producing a surfeit of flowers and is ready for harvest after 8–9 weeks.

Similar to the original Northern Lights, the auto-flowering Northern Light at DCS has a delightfully sweet taste and a soothing physical effect complimented with cerebral stimulation.

  1. Green Crack - Not That Crack

green crack cannabis outdoor cultivation

No, you won’t get arrested for growing Green Crack in your home, because this pure cannabis strain is a world removed from the infamous crack. It is yet another Californian gift for backyard hobbyists looking to find their green thumb. The herb was initially called Cush but was rather renamed by a certain Snoop Dogg, after the rapper sampled its strong sativa effects.

Whereas many sativa strains are challenging to grow courtesy of their extended flowering time, Green Crack is easily manageable. It sprouts small, dense buds and pale green to yellow leaves. Also, the rust-colored pistils leap out against the colorful flowers. Moreover, the plant’s indica genes render it a fast flowering time and enhanced yields.

However, this Afghani descendant is a clone-only strain, which makes its availability quite difficult outside the American West Coast. The Crack takes about 7 - 9 weeks to flower, and upon maturity offers a sweet, citrus fragrance which leads to an uplifted high. Lastly, it induces a sharp sense of focus, which can be of massive assistance for creative activities.

  1. Cinex - Offers Cinematic Euphoria

cinex outdoor growing cannabis

Cinex is a genetic cross of Vortex and Cinderella 99, and the hybrid is known to produce an energy-rich euphoria that fuels creative productivity. Its powerful parents offer a sturdy offspring strain with 22% THC content to rookie gardeners looking for some novelty. The plant is also equipped with mildew and mold-resistant genetics, thereby allowing more cushion for error.

The nugs of Cinex comes with an ultra white, green hue, while the leaves are the lightest shade of green you’ll ever see. These pleasant nuggets feature a healthy crystal frosting, and the exquisite buds render a splendid stone. Cinex flowers in 50 - 60 days, and is considered a staple in the backyard of many home growers courtesy of its heavy yields and a compact growing time.

The mature and dried strain will extend a pleasant euphoria and an energetic boost making Cinex a fantastic daytime smoke.

Where Can I Get Cannabis Seeds For My Backyard?

You can find cannabis seeds on any number of online seed banks. The majority of these are physically located in Spain, the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands. Yet, picking the right merchant to source all-organic seeds is your conscience call.

When you purchase your cannabis seeds from a reliably experienced vendor such as Dutch Cannabis Seeds, you’re safe in the knowledge that your order is:

  • Shipped Stealthily
  • Billed Discreetly
  • Premium-Quality

Therefore, check out your cart now, and appreciate us later!