The Best Marijuana To Grow At Home

For the cannabis faithful, home cultivation of marijuana plants is the golden goose of self-preservation for decades. Apart from being a delightfully organic hobby, the return on investment also makes your backyard-grow a simple economic solution.

Moreover, with pot now legal in the majority of the U.S. to some extent — and weed prices retailing in the $150 - $200 per ounce spectrum — it is a no-brainer to sow your own cannabis seeds at home. It also extends a complete control over your end product, including the choice of fertilizers and other additions of your preference.

Therefore, whether you are a marijuana aficionado, a hobbyist or a rookie off the hook, take things into your own hands, and grow the following GSC-recommended cannabis seeds in your home.

  1. BIG BUD
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Big Bud was developed in the U.S. as a possible cross between Northern Lights, Haze, and Afghani before being transported to the Netherlands in the ‘80s to endure the War on Drugs. The strain with a colorful history is, in fact, a legend among cultivators due to its massive yields. You can get 3 - 6 ounce of end product per square ft of your backyard.

Big Bud produces big buds with few leaves, a characteristic unmatched by any other marijuana variety. The flowering time is 7 - 9 weeks, and the strain grows medium-high when given sufficient space to grow. A deep inhale of the dried BUD will provide a spicy, earthy aroma, and a full-body relaxing effect due to its indica lineage.

    buy jock horror autoflowering seeds

Jock Horror Autoflowering is a beautiful option for home growers looking for an automatic strain that is dominantly Sativa (60%). The Jock shapes into a good structure, offers a high yield, and the dried product renders a relaxing, physical and mental high. Also, it blossoms earlier than its original master.

You should be mindful when growing Horror in your home because the plant can become quite tall due to its sativa genes. In merely 9 weeks after germination, you can yield up to 400 grams per square meter. Using 7 to 11-liter plant pots under 600-watt lights is admissible. In your backyard, it can become 1.25 meter tall, and more when grown with careful correctness.

A herb with a citric flavor carrying shades of diesel finishing with an incensed aftertaste. All of it will tie together to leave a sweet taste in your mouth once you’ve ashed the Jock. Your high will be a bit psychedelic yet relaxed, which will allow you to unwind after a long, tiring day.

You can start your delightfully automatic Horror show for less than $12 a seed at DCS.

  1. MISS U.S.A.

What happens when you team up Brad Pitt (read Kosher Kush) and Angelina Jolie (Strawberry Banana)?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith a.k.a MISS U.S.A.

The strain is all the rage in The Golden State due to its fantastic yields and splendid aroma. It can hit the north of 30% THC content when appropriately grown, and is known to carry high limonene and myrcene levels, which makes it a heavy hitter.

MISS USA produces heavily coated, light green buds with dense formations of crystals, and flowers in about 9 weeks. It is a spectacular variety for first timers as well as seasoned cannabis connoisseurs. You can grow it indoors or in your backyard for an expected yield of 450 - 500 grams per square meter.

The finished product rolls nicely, and its pillowy smoke is soft on the lungs, seldom triggering a cough, and leaving a gently sweet potpourri of fragrances across your palette. Miss USA is well-suited for evening and night sessions.

    buy feminized mango skunk cannabis seeds

Mango Skunk is a beautiful offspring of Mango and Venus Flytrap with 19% THC volume.

It originated in the Netherlands. The light green leaves have a deliciously dense resin layer all over it courtesy of the Skunk genes. The leaves are coated in crystals to compliment the delicious essence of Mango Skunk, whose long branches are quite visible once the plant starts blooming in 9 - 10 weeks. More importantly, this indica dominant strain grows well right off the bat, indoors or otherwise. You can expect an indoor yield of 450 grams per square meter under 600 watts light.

The fruity aroma is creamy with an earthy undertone. The flavor is inspired by the sativa genes of both the Skunk Special and Jack Herer heritage with a scrumptious mango taste and traces of cinnamon-like Haze. Moreover, the high, despite the strain being 60% indica, is also influenced by the sativa genes rendering a stimulatingly uplifting and long-lasting haze.

Lastly, Mango skunk strain is ultra-light on your pocket as well. Just $5.80 per seed!


Gorilla is a crazily powerful hybrid of Chem Sis and Sour Dubb with THC levels often crossing the 25% mark. One of the most talked about strain in the USA was an accidental discovery, much like many shockingly good inventions. In fact, the strength of this 50% Indica/Sativa hybrid will test the mettle of even the most seasoned pothead.

The easily growable strain is known to produce moderate yields, high-quality buds, and marvelous lime-green leaves abundantly coated with trichomes. You can sow your Gorilla indoors or outdoors, where it will grow 160 - 170 cm tall with strong resin production.

The finished product will render a splendid high of soothing relaxation tied with an uplifting euphoria. Gorilla offers superb earthy and sweet undertones, accompanied by additional shades of pine and lemon. The smoke is so good that even the fussiest of marijuana connoisseur will acknowledge. Lastly, due to its rollicking potency, Gorilla is an all-natural remedy to lessen chronic pains.

Where Can I Get Marijuana Seeds For My Home?

You can find marijuana seeds on numerous online seed banks. Many of whom are physically located in Spain, the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands. Yet, picking the right merchant to get all-natural seeds is your conscience call.

When you buy your cannabis seeds from an authentic and experienced vendor like Dutch Cannabis Seeds, you’re secure in the knowledge that your order is:

  •       Shipped Stealthily
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Therefore, check out your cart now, and thanks us on your timeline!