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How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Germinate Marijuana Seeds

For the gemination of your marijuana seeds you need to have two plates and non perfumed slightly wet tissue.

Below you find a step by step manual on how to germinate your cannabis seeds the best way.

Step 1 - Setup Seeds Germination

Line the bottom of the first plate with a few layers of slightly wet tissue and drain any excess water from the plate. Your marijuana seeds should be placed on top of the tissue, allowing each seed as much space as possible. Place another few layers of moist tissue on top of the seeds, again allowing excess water to drain off. Lastly, cover everything with the second plate, upside down, to form a ‘clam-shell’ shape – this will create the dark, moist environment necessary for germination.

Step 2 - Seeds Germination

Place the plates somewhere warm (21ºC) and away from direct light. Check the seeds every day to ensure that the tissue does not dry out. Spray the tissues with water if necessary. Within a few days the some or all of the seeds should open and put out a root. It is common for marijuana seeds to open within 72 hours of being put in the germination medium. Less commonly, some seeds may need up to 10 days or even two weeks to open and put out a root. When the first few millimeters of root have emerged from a germinated seed, each one should then be carefully transferred to a small container of growing medium (soil, coco-fibre or rockwool).

Step 3 - Potting Germinated Seeds

Make a hole in the growing medium that is about twice as deep as the seed is long, so that each germinated marijuana seed sits 2-5mm below the surface. Place the marijuana seed, root first, into the hole and cover with a small amount of growing medium – just enough to block light, not enough to obstruct the seedling when it emerges. Marijuana seedlings usually emerge from the growing medium 24 to 72 hours after the germinated seeds are planted.

Step 4 - Seedling Stage

New marijuana seedlings should be given access to bright light from the time they emerge. Care should be exercised in the first week or two, as seedlings are still quite delicate. Seedlings intended for outdoors should be acclimatized to direct sunlight by placing them on a windowsill inside the house and increasing their exposure to direct sunlight by an hour or two per day. Seedlings intended for indoors may emerge into an artificially lit environment with no problems. If using HID lighting, seedlings should be kept a minimum distance of 50 to 80cm from the bulb. If using fluorescent light, seedlings can be kept a normal distance from the tube/bulb.