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Cannatonic CBD
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Cannatonic CBD

Cannatonic (CBD) is a true strain of medical marijuana. A 50:50 Indica Sativa hybrid, this strain has the relaxing effects of an Indica marijuana with all the flavor and smoke of a Sativa. It's high in CBD which can be used to effectively treat seizures and muscle spasms. Conversely, it's low in THC, so this high is relaxing and uplifting on both the mind and body.
Average height
High plant
400 / 500 (g/m²)
700 / 800 (g/m²)
Short (45 - 55 days)
Average (55 - 65 days)
THC Level
In and outdoor
56,00 US$

Cannatonic CBD Feminized (5 seeds)

Our Cannatonic CBD Feminized marijuana strain will not transport you to a catatonic state but will leave your person relaxed and unstressed. It’s a CBD rich variant that is the darling of the medical marijuana community courtesy of its capacity to assist treating a broad array of ailments.

Use our feminine Cannatonic to bless your body with a functional high all day long.

The Origin Story

The CBD-dominant strain is a hybrid of G13 Haze and MK Ultra. It was originally conceived to carry an even-steven THC to CBD ratio. However, some plants possess as much as 17% CBD volume compared to a low-profile 6% THC content.

The Plant

The Cannatonic CBD Feminized seeds will produce feminine plants nearly every time. It’s a closely-knitted sativa-dominant plant with a tendency to develop mildew and mold. A seasoned cultivator can grow the strain either indoors or outdoors, but the highest yields will be found indoors, where the environment can be controlled. The blooming Cannatonic will gain an average height with frosty buds.

Aroma & Flavor

The aroma is a mood-lifter for individuals who prefer less-pungent cannabis plants. The piney and indica-earthy flavor is subtle too with traces of citrus.

Your High

The indica-dominant MK Ultra genes will render an instant jolt of calm, while the sativa leanings of G13 will extend focus and a clear-headed high. A few deep drags of Cannatonic CBD Feminized will inject your body with tingly sensations along with genteel cerebral stimulation.

About 30 minutes after partaking the strain, your head rush will turn into a functionally focused high.

The DCS Tip

If you are an experienced grower, raising Cannatonic CBD would be a breeze. Otherwise, you are better off trying other marijuana strains being a rookie.

Vital Specs

TYPE : Feminine Hybrid
AREA : Indoors & Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME : 9 - 11 weeks
PLANT HEIGHT : 80 cm - 130 cm
YIELD : 325 - 425 g/m²
THC VOLUME : 4 - 6%
COUNTRY : Netherlands