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  1. AK-48 (5 seeds)

    Popular since the mid-1990s, the AK-48 is an Indica and Sativa hybrid, with a relaxing Indica dominance without the sleepiness. AK-48 has the Ice marijuana strain as its mother and European Jock Horror as its father. It’s Ice mother has strong ancestral links to the Afghan Indica strain, which itself originates from the heartlands of Afghanistan.AK-48 is used as a medical marijuana with patients using it to help with the symptoms of stress-related disorders, depression, chronic pain and a loss of appetite. It has an earthy flavor, with definite hints of citrus and a sweet-smelling aroma.This strain is ideally suited for daytime use and gives a happy, euphoric and relaxed effect. It won’t interfere with getting daytime tasks done, and will instead make you feel motivated by helping to shake off feelings of depression and anxiety. It’ll help too with those creative juices.A fast-grower ideal for both indoors and outdoors, and is perfect for the curious and first-timers.
  2. AK-48 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    AK-48 Feminized (5 seeds)

    With the same Afghani origins as our AK-48 marijuana seeds, this feminized version has the males removed. As the female marijuana plant produces buds and the male doesn’t these seeds are ideal for quick and hassle-free growing.AK-48 is an Indica Sativa hybrid, with a predominantly Indica high. This marijuana has a euphoric effect, relaxing at the same time as uplifting. It's perfect as a medical marijuana for those suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. It'll also induce hunger, ideal if you've lost your appetite.These seeds are suited to both indoor and outdoor growing and are among the fastest growing marijuana. With its earthy, fruity flavors and sweet smoke, it's perfect for anyone trying marijuana for the first time.

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  3. Aurora Indica AK-48 Cannabis Seeds

    Aurora Indica Feminized (5 seeds)

    Our most potent Indica, this strain is going to give you your best sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, make Aurora Indica your go-to medical marijuana. This feminized strain means that you don't need to sort the budding female plants from the non-budding male plants.Aurora Indica is also ideal for treating stress and chronic pain that interferes with sleep, and hyperactivity disorders such as ADD and ADHD. This high is a creeper. The sedating effects start off slowly, peacefully enveloping your body until it has a total cerebral and stoned effect, sending you into a calm and restorative deep sleep.With a pure Indica lineage, Aurora Indica has Afghan and Northern Light parents and produces high amounts of resin. The perfect couch locker, this heavy buzz has an earthy, spicy flavor.

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    Special Price US$79.00

  4. Black Jack Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Black Jack Feminized (5 seeds)

    Black Jack is the love-child of Black Domina and Jock Horror. And with this genetic lineage, it’s little wonder it’s so popular. Black Jack’s mother, Seattle’s Black Domina, is an Indica strain and her father Jock Horror is a European Sativa strain.Her Indica traits win over, however, giving a beautiful Indica whole body high of euphoria and happiness, that relaxes but won’t send you into a couch lock. This medical marijuana strain is perfect for helping with depression and stress, and will also help with nausea and a loss of appetite. If insomnia gets you down, Black Jack could be your nighttime savior. The high THC levels in Black Jack make this an ideal medical marijuana for chronic pain, too.These feminized seeds will all bud, meaning that you won’t have to look out for the non-budding male versions. The resulting leaves produce a sweet, earthy taste and aroma.

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  5. Blackberry feminized cannabis seeds

    Blackberry Feminized (5 seeds)

    A perfect 50:50 blend of Indica and Sativa, Blackberry hails from the Netherlands and has American Black Domina as a mother and Dutch Raspberry Cough as a father. These feminized seeds are ideal for easy, fuss-free growing indoors.Blackberry marijuana is pungent, with a dominantly fruity, somewhat flowery smell and robust smoke. Expect an intoxicating but smooth experience. This blend gives an energetic high and will make you a talkative, social butterfly, the life, and soul. It will also relax your anxieties and put you at ease. In a medical sense, this marijuana is excellent against depression, stress and, as it's body numbing, for chronic pain.Use Blackberry marijuana during the day to release your mind from panic and to forget all those worries, and at night for a semi-couch lock and decent night’s sleep.

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  6. Blue Mystic (5 seeds)

    The Blue Mystic strain of marijuana certainly has mystique. Its exact origins are unknown but are thought to originate from California. Genetically it contains traces of Blueberry, Skunk and Northern Lights. It's a high THC strain, and it's high is mainly cerebral, causing euphoria, happiness, and creativity. It's also known for causing the giggles.Despite these effects, its 60% Indica to 40% Sativa, and is still effective as a medical marijuana with patients using it for anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress-related conditions. Blue Mystic burns with a subtle blueberry taste and smoke, ideal for anyone wishing to be discreet.Blue Mystic seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors, and have a short flowering season, making these seeds one of the most popular all-rounders.
  7. Blueberry Kush Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

    Blueberry Kush Autoflowering (5 seeds)

    Blueberry Kush is a pure Indica marijuana strain, making it a fantastic cannabis for late at night. It promotes feelings of sleepiness, happiness, and deep relaxation, making it perfect for sufferers of insomnia. Blueberry Kush has its roots in Oregon and has Blueberry and OG Kush strains as parents. This auto-flowering version minimises the harvest time.The heavy body sensation that you get from Blueberry Kush is ideal for forgetting your woes, chilling out and treating chronic pain. It's sweet berry flavors and aroma makes it easy to smoke, and the robustness of the plant to molds and insects make it easy to grow.High in THC, it’s a commonly used medical marijuana in patients with bipolar disorder, hyperactivity, depression, and anxiety as well as insomnia and pain. If you’ve lost your appetite, expect to get the munchies with this blue beauty.

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  8. Bubblelicious Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Bubblelicious Feminized (5 seeds)

    Developed in the Midwest of America and refined in the Netherlands in the 1990s, Bubblelicious is a 50:50 blend of Indica to Sativa. These feminized seeds guaranteeing full budding. Bubblelicious is popular with growers because it grows so well in cool climates, and the yields are so great.Bubblelicious has a sweet taste and smell, reminiscent of childhood bubble gum. But this beauty is purely for adults. The high from Bubblelicious marijuana is multi-faceted – first, you’ll feel your mood uplift and you’ll feel totally positive and full of euphoria. Then you’ll feel a surge of euphoric energy coupled with a sense of deep relaxation - indicative of its hybrid nature.Enjoy your cerebral high and chilled body, or use this marijuana medically to help treat chronic pain, depression, and stress.

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  9. Chrystal (5 seeds)

    An Indica dominant hybrid, Chrystal marijuana is a cross between White Widow and Northern Lights, two of the best-known strains. When smoked, it gives a great and energetic cerebral high. You'll become super talkative, ideal if you have lots to say but don't like to normally take the lead. You'll feel waves of this energy sweeping through your body too, at the same time as relaxing it.For this reason, Chrystal is used as a medical marijuana in patients with chronic pain, social anxiety or awkwardness and depression. Your onset of the munchies will help with appetite loss, too.It has an aroma of grassy earth and a taste of pine. Chrystal will put you totally at ease and take away the daily discomfort of chronic pain conditions. Ideal to grow indoors and out, this could become your favorite, social, marijuana.
  10. Critical Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

    Critical Autoflowering (5 seeds)

    Critical marijuana is one of our most popular strains. A winner of many awards and loved by commercial growers around the world for its strong growth and large yields.Our Critical Autoflower was bred to be just like Critical, the autoflowering genetics just make it easier to grow. Like all of our strains, the seeds are feminized, so you’ll only get female plants; no wasted space means even more yield. Royal Critical Automatic will be ready to harvest just 9 weeks after planting.It is an easy-to-grow autoflowering variety, a complex cross of Ruderalis, Indica and Sativa strains. This mix has produced a strong plant with the characteristic big, dense buds and heavy Indica effect of the Critical.

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    Special Price US$59.00

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Items 1 to 10 of 42 total